Man pages for rBatt/trawlDiversity
Long-term changes in species richness along the North American coastline

beta_div_quickCalculate Beta Diversity Quickly
bt_metricsBottom Temperature Metrics
comm_masterMaster Community-Level Data
data_allData from All Regions
event_distanceEvent Distance
event_stretchesFind and Classify Unbroken Stretches of an Event
format_rangeFormat data to calculate range Reformat data for use in...
get_abGet Alpha and Beta
get_colonizersGet Colonizations and Extinctions
getCovTypeGet Covariate Type
get_data_allGet Data from All Regions
get_itersGet sampled iterations of posterior
get_show_up_sppGet species that show up and remain
ifInd_strip_noIndStrip the not-indexed equivalents of the elements whose names...
localACResults for local autocorrelation
local_rich_sampleResample Observed Local Richness
make_mapDatMake data for maps related to diversity analysis
make_owinMake owin from Region Outline
mapDatData for Maps
mapOwinRegion outlines in owin format
mk_cov_rvMake Covariate (and their powers) a RV
msom_paramsPrint Names of MSOM Parameters
mytracePosterior Traceplots
outlinesRegional Polygon Outlines
plot_abPlot Alpha and Beta
plot_btemp_mapPlot Map of Bottom Temperature
plot_cePlot a Species that Colonizes and/or goes Extinct
plot_ce_wrapColonization and Extinction Plotting Wrapper
plot_colExt_perStratNumber of Colonizations and Extinctions in Each Stratum
plot_col_vs_unobsSppPlot colonizers and unobserved species
plot_devicePlot Device
plot_post_corrPlot Posterior Correlation
plot_rank_tempPlot the Temperature Rank of Colonizers and Leavers
plot_rich_bt_scatterScatter Plot of Richness and Bottom Temperature
plot_rich_bt_tsPlot Richness and Bottom Temperature Time Series
plot_spacePlot Spatial Data
plot_traceplotPlot a Traceplot for MSOM Hyperparameters
post_trendTrend through Posterior Distributions
process_msomStaticProcess Output from msomStatic (annual)
process_obsRichProcess Observed Data for Richness
prop_sd_powPropagate standard deviation from raising to power
range_sampleResample the observed range of species occurrences
rank_tempRank Species by Temperature
response_metricsResponse Metrics for Quadratic Model
run_msomRun an MSOM Model
run_sacRun Species Accumulation Curve Estimate of Richness
seqAggSequential Aggregation
show_up_sppSpecies that have shown up late, and stayed around
spatial_acCompute Local Spatial Autocorrelation
spp_masterMaster Species-Level Data
streak_lengthStreak Length
timeSlopeTime Slope
trawlDiversitytrawlDiversity: A package for calculating species richness...
trawl_layoutTrawl Layout
trim_msomTrim trawl data for msom
tsTauKendall's Tau with Serial Dependence
unpack_pUnpack P
unscaleUnscale Parameters
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