Man pages for rmcelreath/rethinking
Statistical Rethinking book package

AchehuntingHuman forager hunting returns data
bangladeshBangladesh contraceptive use data
chainmodeFind mode of a continuous density estimate
chimpanzeesChimpanzee prosocialty experiment data
coeftabCoefficient tables
coeftab.plotPlots of coefficient tables
coerce_indexBuild and check integer index variables
col.alphaColor utility functions
compareCompare fit models using WAIC or DIC
contour.xyzContour plot from equal length x,y,z vectors
CrofootCapuchin monkey contests
dbetabinomBeta-binomial probability density
densDensity plots
dgampoisGamma-Poisson probability density
DinosaursDinosaur growth data
DissertationsDissertation page length data
dlkjcorrLKJ correlation matrix probability density
dmvnorm2Multivariate Gaussian probability density
dordlogitOrdered categorical log-odds probability density
dzagamma2Zero-augmented gamma probability density
dzibinomZero-inflated binomial probability density
dzipoisZero-inflated Poisson probability density
ensembleSimulate an ensemble of posterior predictions
extract.samplesCollect posterior samples from a fit model
FishFishing data
foxesUrban foxes
glimmerglm/glmer formulas to map/map2stan formulas
HooglandPrairie dog dispersal data
HPDIConfidence/credible intervals from samples
HurricanesHurricane fatalities and gender of names
image.xyzHeat map from equal length x,y,z vectors
KlineOceanic islands data
KosterLeckieGift exchange data
linkPredictions for map and map2stan models
log_sum_expRethinking utility functions
mapFind maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimates
map2stanBuild RStan models from formulas
map2stan-classClass 'map2stan': fitted map2stan Stan model
mcreplicateMulti-core version of replicate
milkPrimate milk data
pairs.map2stanTrace plot of map2stan chains
plot.map2stanTrace plot of map2stan chains
postcheckPlot posterior predictive check
precisPrecis of model fit
progbarProgress display
resampleResample map2stan fit
rethinkingStatistical Rethinking package
rethinking-internalInternal Functions and Methods
RinderLivestock mortality data
sample.naive.posteriorSamples from quadratic posterior densities of models
shadeShade density intervals
simSimulate posterior observations
simplehistSimple histograms
sim.train.testSimulate in-sample and out-of-sample deviance
TrolleyExperimental data on ethical dilemmas
UFCleftiesUltimate Fighting Championship matches
WaffleDivorceWaffle House and marriage statistics
WAICInformation Criteria and Pareto-Smoothed Importance Sampling...
Wines2012Wine tasting scores, Princeton NJ 2012
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