CNOlistDREAM: Data used for the DREAM3 challenge

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This data object contains the DREAM data used in the package vignette, already loaded and formatted as a CNOlist object. This is to be used with the model "DreamModel". This is a data collected on HepG2 cells cultivated with or without stimulation of tgfa, ilk, mek12, pi3k and p38, in combination with inhibition of igf1 and/or il1a. Seven phosphoproteins are measured using Luminex xMAP assays: akt, erk12, ikb, jnk12, p38, hsp27 and mek12.




CNOlistDREAM is a list with the fields "namesCues" (character vector), "namesStimuli" (character vector), "namesInhibitors" (character vector), "namesSignals" (character vector), "timeSignals" (numerical vector), "valueCues" (numerical matrix), "valueInhibitors" (numerical matrix), "valueStimuli"(numerical matrix), "valueSignals"(numerical matrix).


This data and model is extracted from the Matlab version of CellNOpt1.0 (


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