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Informatic sequence classification trees

insect is an R package for DNA meta-barcoding analysis. It provides a bioinformatics pipeline that automates the process from HTS sequence de-multiplexing and quality filtering to probabilistic taxonomic assignment using informatic sequence classification trees. It also contains functions for searching and downloading sequences from GenBank, a "virtual PCR" tool, a new algorithm for classification tree learning, and a method for classifying DNA barcode sequences using pre-computed trees.


To download insect from CRAN and load the package, run


To download the latest development version from GitHub, run:

devtools::install_github("shaunpwilkinson/insect", build_vignettes = TRUE) 


An overview of the package and its functions can be found by running


If you experience a problem using this package please feel free to raise it as an issue on GitHub.


This software was developed at Victoria University of Wellington with funding from a Rutherford Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship award from the Royal Society of New Zealand.

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