Man pages for shazhe/mvst0
Multi-variate ST modelling on globe

adj_matrix_from_nei_listReturn adjacency matrix from list of neighbours
assignmentAssignment methods
BasisclassParent class for basis functions
blockclassParent (virtual) class for all blocks (latent fields and...
block_listList of blocks
block_listclassList of blocks
border_from_grid_pointsExtract border
check_md5Check md5 sum in cache directory
cholPermuteSparse Cholesky Factorisation with fill-in reducing...
cholsolveSolve the equation Qx = y
cholsolveAQinvATSolve the equation X = AQ^-1t(A) under permutations
colour_graphGreedy graph colouring algorithm
compressCompress graph
ConstBasisclassConstant functions basis
emptySpCreate an empty matrix
EmptyThemeEmpty-plot theme
extractClassExtract class
FEBasisclassFinite element basis
Findalphabeta_betaQuantile difference when tuning Beta distribution...
Findalphabeta_gammaQuantile difference when tuning Gamma distribution...
Findalphabeta_invgammaQuantile difference when tuning inverse Gamma distribution...
find_hullFind convex hull from a set of points
find_pivot_BastosPivoted Cholesky factorisation
getCGet incidence matrix
getDfGet data frame
getMeanGet mean vector
getPrecisionGet precision matrix
GMRF_basisGMRF function over basis
GMRF_RWRandom walk GMRF
GRBFBasis-classGaussian radial basis functions basis
headReturn head object data frame
icesatICESAT data.
ImatCreate a sparse identity matrix
initFEbasisInitialise a finite element basis
initGRBFbasisInitialise a GRBF basis
kappa_from_lGet scale from practical range
l_from_kappaGet practical range from length scale
LinePlotThemeLine-plot theme
linkclassLink between latent process and observation
link_listList of links
link_listclassList of links
Load_dataLoad data
Load_meshesLoad meshes
logdetFind the log determinant
lscale_from_MaternFind length scales by fitting a Matern
mass_matrixGet mass matrix
md5_cachemd5 checksum function
md5_funGenerate md5 checksum from function
MVSTMulti-variate spatio-temporal modelling
neighb_from_precReturn neighb list from precision structure
nrowReturn size of object Get stiffness matrix
ObsObservation block
Obsclassobservation block
Obs_polyObservation block with support
Obs_polyclassObservations with non-trivial spatial footprints
partition_nei_from_pointsFind cpartition neighbourhood from underlying graph
partition_sectionRecursion for the Kernigham-Lin equations
plotPlot meshes and observations
plot_interpPlots an interpolated field from a mesh
Prec_from_SPDE_wrapperPrecision matrix from SPDE
pred_variance_largePredictive variance for large data sets
preprocess_obsPre-processes observations
processclassProcess block (virtual)
RBF_filterRBF filter
roughness_from_topoExtract roughness from topography
scale_brewerSequential, diverging and qualitative colour scales from...
setalphaSet diffusion parameter on observations.
setPrecisionSet precision matrix
shapefilesBoundaries for Antarctica
sliceWrapper to automate learning in a slice sampler
sparsediagCreate a sparse diagonal matrix
split_validationSplit data into training/testing groups
stat_modeFind the mode from a set of samples
stiffness_matrixGet stiffness matrix
subsetSubset an MVST object
surf_feExample mesh
tailReturn tail object data frame
Takahashi_DavisCompute the Takahashi equations
validatePredictive statistics for small validation data
VAR_GaussVector auto-regressive model with GMRF represenation
ZeromatCreate an empty sparse matrix
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