Man pages for steinbaugh/pfgsea
Acid Genomics GSEA

acidgseaTestsURLAcidGSEA test data URL
alphaThresholdAlpha threshold
collectionNamesGene set collection names
combineCombining or merging different Bioconductor data structures
contrastNamesContrast names
convertToHumanConvert data set by mapping to human orthologs
defunctDefunct functions
deprecatedDeprecated functions
enrichedGeneSetsEnriched gene sets
fgseaFGSEAList example data
FGSEAListParameterized fast gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA)
FGSEAList-classFast GSEA list
Gene2SymbolGene-to-symbol mappings
geneSetGene set
geneSetNamesGene set names
geneSetResultsGene set results
leadingEdgeLeading edge genes
nesThresholdNormalized enrichment score (NES) threshold
plotEnrichedGeneSetsPlot enriched gene sets
plotEnrichedUpsetUpSet plot of directional enriched pathway intersections...
plotGeneSetPlot gene set enrichment
plotLFCPlot log2 fold change distributions
plotNESPlot normalized enrichment score
RankedListRanked list of genes
RankedList-classRanked list of genes
showShow an object
topTablesTop tables
updateObjectUpdate an object to its current class definition
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