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Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Flexible (Co)Variance Structures

assignWithAssign to an environment the value of an expression evaluated...
as.strucMatrixCoerce to and from structured sparse matrices
bindRow, column, and block-diagonal binding for structured sparse...
changeSparseFormatChanging sparse format
cholCholesky decomposition of structured sparse matrices
compressStrucGlmerCompress strucGlmer object
countCount unique values
covExpDecayExponentially decaying covariances
denseIndsIndices for square dense matrices
edgeTipIndicatorRelationships between tips and edges
factorsExtract factors
familySimFunFamily simulation functions
family.strucGlmerExtract family object
flattenIntVecFlatten an integer vector
getInitGet and set initial parameter values for structured sparse...
getModMatAndGrpFacGet model matrix and grouping factor
getRepPatternGet repetition pattern of a structured sparse matrix
getReTrmGet random effects structures from a strucGlmer object
kronKronecker and Khatri-Rao products for structured sparse...
langOpsTools for constructing formula terms
laplaceLaplace approximation
listOfSubscriptingCallsWithListOfIndicesList of subscripting calls with a list of indices
listTransposeTranspose a list
lme4ord'lme4ord': Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Flexible...
mkGeneralGlmerDevfunMake a general (Laplace) glmer deviance function
mkParIndsMake parameter indices
mkPenaltyFunMake penalty function
mkReTrmStructsConstruct random effects structures
mkSparseTransMake transformation function to be used with a...
mkTransConstruct functions for transforming a parameter vector to...
nChoose2InvInverse of the n-choose-2 function
Ops.strucMatrixStructured sparse matrix multiplication (and other binary...
orthProcrustesRotMatOrthogonal procrustean rotation matrix
packReTrmPackage up a random effects term structure
parLengthLengths of parameter vectors
parsParameter retrieval for structured generalized linear mixed...
printReTrmPrint random effects term
resetTransConstConstant structured sparse matrix
rStrucMatrixRandom structured sparse matrices
scalarMultAdd scalar multiple to a structured sparse matrix
setLowerUpperDefaultGet defaults choices for lower and/or upper bound of a model...
setReTrmSet model matrix slice and relative covariance factor block...
setReTrm.cooccurRandom effects term for cooccurence model (experimental)
setReTrm.expDecayRandom effects term with exponential decay in distance-based...
setReTrm.factAnalRandom effects term for factor analysis
setReTrm.flexvarRandom effects term for a flexible variance function
setReTrm.identityRandom effects term for covariance proportional to identity...
setReTrm.lme4lme4 emulator
setReTrm.nlmeCorStructRandom effects term from an 'nlme'-style 'corStruct' object
setReTrm.obslevRandom effects term with observation level random effects
setReTrm.phyloEdgeRandom effects term for edge-based model of tree-induced...
setReTrm.semRandom effects term for structural equation model
setReTrm.varExpRandom effects term with exponential variance structure
setReTrm.varIdentRandom effects term with constant variance within groups
showSkeletonShow skeleton for some type of function
simAddArgsSimulate additional arguments (experimental)
simplifyFacListSimplify factor list over random effects terms (not currently...
simplifyStrucMatrixSimplify structured sparse matrices
simReTrmSimulate from a random effects term
simStrucParsedFormSimulate from a parsed formula
sortedBindBind repeated sparse matrices and sort their indices to be...
sort.strucMatrixSort the indices of a structured sparse matrix
splitFormSplit a formula
stanCovStandardize covariance matrix to determinant one
strucGlmerGeneralized linear mixed model with structured (co)variance...
strucGlmer-classStructured GLMM class
strucMatrixStructured sparse matrices
strucMatrixBlankBlank structured sparse matrix
strucMatrix-classA structured sparse matrix class
strucMatrixColColumn vector as structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixCompSymmStructured sparse matrix with compound symmetry
strucMatrixConstVarCholStructured sparse Cholesky factor leading to constant...
strucMatrixCorFactorConstruct a structured sparse upper Cholesky factor from an...
strucMatrixCorMatCholStructured sparse Cholesky factor of a correlation matrix
strucMatrixDiagDiagonal structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixExpCholCholesky factor of a structured sparse covariance matrix...
strucMatrixFullFull structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixGenFullTriGeneral and full triangular structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixIdentIdentity structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixIndStructured sparse indicator matrix
strucMatrixOneOffDiagStructured sparse matrix with only one non-zero value off the...
strucMatrixOnesStructured sparse matrix of ones
strucMatrixSymmSymmetric structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixTriTriangular structured sparse matrix
strucMatrixVarWithCovariateStructured sparse diagonal covariance matrix with a covariate...
strucMkDevfunMake a (Laplace) glmer deviance function from a parsed...
strucOptOptimize a structured GLMM deviance function
strucParseFormulaParse a mixed model formula
subsetSubsetting structured sparse matices
tipNodeRelationshipTip-node bigraph adjacency matrix
triIndsConvert row and column indices to vector indices, for a...
update.reTrmStructUpdate a random effects term structure with new parameters
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