Man pages for thijsjanzen/isoSIM
Simulate Linkage Disequilibrium Along Chromosomes in Isofemale Lines

calculate_allele_frequenciesCalculate allele frequencies
calculate_fstCalculate FST
calculate_LDCalculate LD statistics
calculate_marker_frequencyCalculate allele frequencies at a specific marker location
calculate_tajima_dCalculate Tajima's d
create_admixed_individualscreate a population of admixed individuals
create_iso_femaleCreate isofemale
create_populationCreate a population
create_population_from_individualsCreate a population from isofemale individuals
create_population_selectionCreate a population taking into account selection
create_two_populations_migrationCreate two populations, linked by migration
increase_ancestorincrease the ancestor index
isoSIM-internalInternal isoSIM functions
isoSIM-packageThis package simulates the generation of an isofemale line
joyplot_frequenciesmake a joy plot of the distribution of allele frequencies...
load_populationLoad a population from file
plot_chromosomeplot a chromosome
plot_difference_frequenciesPlot the change in frequency between the start and end of a...
plot_start_endPlot both the starting frequencies and the final frequencies...
save_populationSave a population to file
select_populationSimulate a population, given selection for a specific...
simulate_admixtureIndividual based simulation of the breakdown of contiguous...
simulate_admixture_untilSimulate admixture until reaching threshold divergence
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