Man pages for tkonopka/RGeneticThesaurus
Analysis of thesaurus-annotated genomic variants

callBafChangesCall sites showing BAF changes
callTrioDeNovoCall sites de novo mutations from family trio data
compareVariantsCompare a set of variants (hits) with a set of expected...
isIndelDetermines whether a variant is a substitution or an indel
print.RGeneticThesaurusSetDisplay information about an RGeneticThesaurus object
readBafFromFileRead a table with baf from file
readClustersFromFileRead a table with thesaurus clusters from file
readLinksFromFileRead thesaurus links from a file
readThesaurusSetRead a set of variants annotated using GeneticThesaurus
readVariantsFromFileRead variants from disk
sortvcfSort a data frame of variants by chromosome and position
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