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Miscellaneous Tools for Teaching Statistics

aberrationsChromosome aberrations in survivors of Hiroshima and...
accidentsTraffic accident rate.
acetazolamideEffect of acetazolamide on forelimb malformation.
acidrainAcid rain and tree roots.
algalinhibitEffect of cadmium on algal biomass/growth.
allocateOptimum allocation for stratified random sampling.
anthersEffects of storage temperature and force on producing...
aucpolyDraw/color/shade area under a curve.
backpainRisk of driving on herniated discs.
beallInsecticide randomized block experiments.
boleTree bole volume fixed area plot survey.
bumpusHouse sparrow survival data.
cancerpopPopulation data for breast cancer mortality.
cellmortalityMortality of cancer cells.
ceriodaphniaCeriodaphnia toxicity study.
ceriodaphniastrainToxicity study with two strains of ceriodaphnia.
chlamydiaScreening tests for _Chlamydia trachomatis_.
cirrhosisMeta-analysis of treatments to prevent bleeding from...
contrastInferences for contrasts for (generalized) linear models...
cortexEffect of experience on the brain.
cryingEffect of stimulation on crying in newborn infants.
cyclesFecundability and smoking.
daphniastratStratified random sample of daphnia counts.
diabetesSurvival of diabetic patients.
dmethodDelta method for regression model objects (experimental).
dogscatsVeterinarian's survey of expenses of dogs and cats.
drinkingHypothetical data for demonstrating Poisson zero-inflation.
dsurvbinCreate data frame with binary response variables for discrete...
dungcrabsChange in carapace size of female dungeness crabs after...
dustRodent tissue radioactiviation from in vitro exposure to...
emesisMotion sickness study.
familiesSurvey of weekly family income and food expenditure.
fireantsStudy of the effect of attractant age on attracting fire...
gallflyTruncated counts of gallfly eggs and gall-cells.
glmintConfidence intervals for the estimated expected response of...
grasshopperAssay of grasshopper insecticide and synergist.
impairmentDegree of mental impairment.
insecticideFlour beetle response to three insecticides.
insulinInsulin assay.
jejunalcryptEffect of radiation on jejunal crypts in rats.
kidneystonesComparison of treatments for kidney stones.
larkspurSample of transects of pale white larkspur.
leadLead absorption in children.
lifespanLifespan of humans and dogs.
linconLinear combinations of regression model parameters.
logitnrLogit link with a natural response parameter.
loglogLog-log link function for generalized linear models.
margeffEstimation of marginal effects of regression models...
memoryrecallEffect of memory on type on response latencies.
mothprogenySex ratios in moth progeny.
naeviCase-control study of children with spina bifida.
nectriacankerFixed area sample of tree diameter and abundance of nectria...
neuralgiaTreatment of post-herpetic neuralgia.
nlsintConfidence and prediction intervals for the (expected)...
otitisEffect of antibotics on acute otitis media in children.
photocountsAerial photograph and field counts of dead trees.
pulsePulse rates before and after exercise.
radonbaseSurvey of radon concentration in homes in Blue Ridge, VA.
radonminnSurvey of radon concentration in homes in Minnesota.
rayleighLord Rayleigh's measurements of nitrogen gas.
reciprocityGeneralized reciprocity in rats.
rootsInfection of roots by soil-borne pathogens.
rotiferRotifer relative density experiment.
skylarkImpact of pesticides on skylark reproductivity.
snowgaugeCalibration study of a snow gauge.
stratifyCumulative square root frequency stratification.
sturgeonWhite sturgeon sexual maturity.
swimmersEar infections in swimmers.
synchronyInfant attention to speech in and out of synchrony.
timssThird International Mathematics and Science Study.
topicalEfficacy of two topical cream preparations.
watercolumnPhosphorus concentrations in water samples from Willow Creek...
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