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MULTivariate Analysis Using BIPLOTs

AddCluster2BiplotAdd clusters to a biplot object
AddContVars2BiplotAdds supplementary continuous variables to a biplot object
AddSupVars2BiplotAdds supplementary variables to a biplot object
BinaryDistancesBinary Distances
BinaryLogBiplotGDBinary Logistic Biplot with Gradient Descent Estimation
BinaryProximitiesProximity Measures for Binary Data
BootstrapDistanceBootstrap on the distance matrices used for Principal...
BootstrapScalarBootstrap on the scalar product matrices used for Principal...
BootstrapSmacofBootstrap on the distance matrices used for MDS with Smacof
CACorrespondence Analysis
CanonicalBiplotBiplot representation of a Canonical Variate Analysis or a...
CanonicalDistanceAnalysisMANOVA and Canonical Analysis of Distances
CanonicalStatisBiplotCANONICAL STATIS-ACT for multiple tables with common rows and...
CanonicalStatisBiplot (Copia en conflicto de DESKTOP-CR4F6NI 2017-09-26)CANONICAL STATIS-ACT for multiple tables with common rows and...
CategoricalDistancesDistances among individuals using nominal variables.
CategoricalProximitiesProximities among individuals using nominal variables.
CCACanonical Correspondence Analysis
CheckBinaryMatrixChecks if a data matrix is binary
CheckBinaryVectorChecks if a vector is binary
ChemicalChemical data
CircleDraws a circle
ColContributionPlotPlots the contributios of a biplot
ConcEllipseConcentration ellipse for a se of two-dimensional points
ContinuousDistancesDistances for Continuous Data
Convert2ThreeWayThree way array from a two way matrix
ConvertFactors2IntegersConvert a factor to integer numbers
CrissCrossAlternated Least Squares Biplot
CumSumCummulative sums
Dataframe2BinaryMatrixConverts a Data Frame into a Binary Data Matrix
DataFrame2Matrix4RegressionPrepares a matrix for regression from a data frame
DensityBiplotAdds Non-parametric densities to a biplot. Separated...
DhatsCalculation of Disparities
diagonalDiagonal matrix from a vector
DimensionLabelsLabels for the selected dimensions in a biplot
dlinesConnects two sets of points by lines
DoctorsData set extracted from the Careers of doctorate holders...
EuclideanDistanceClassical Euclidean Distance (Pythagorean Distance)
ExpandTableExpands a compressed table of patterns and frequencies
ExternalBinaryLogisticBiplotExternal Logistic Biplot for binary Data
ExtractTableExtracts unique patterns and its frequencies for a discrete...
FA.BiplotBiplot for Factor Analysis.
Factor2BinaryConverts a Factor into its indicator matrix
FractionSelection of a fraction of the data
GD.BiplotBiplot for continuous data based on gradient descent methods
GeneralizedProcrustesGeneralized Procrustes Analysis
GetBiplotScalesCalculates the scales for the variables on a linear biplot
GetCCAScalesCalculates scales for plotting the environmental variables in...
ginvG inverse
GowerProximitiesGower Dissimilarities for mixed types of data
GowerSimilaritiesGower Dissimilarities for mixed types of data
HermquadGauss-Hermite quadrature
HJ.BiplotHJ Biplot with added features.
InBoxChecks if a point is inside a box.
InitialTransformInitial transformation of data
Integer2BinaryTransforms an Integer Variable into a Binary Variable
LogFrequencyBiplotWeighted Biplot for a table of frequencies
logitLogit function
Matrix2ProximitiesMatrix to Proximities
matrixsqrtMatrix squared root
matrixsqrtinvInverse of the Matrix squared root
MDSMultidimensional Scaling
MGCMixture Gaussian Clustering
MonotoneRegressionWeighted Isotonic Regression (Weighted Monotone Regression)
mothMoth data
MultBiplotR-packageMultivariate Analysis using Biplots
MultiquadMultidimensional Gauss-Hermite quadrature
MultiTableStatisticsStatistics for multiple tables
MultiTableTransformInitial Transformation of a multi table object
NiceNumberNice numbers: simple decimal numbers
NominalDistancesDistances among individuals with nominal variables
Numeric2BinaryConverts a numeric variable into a binary one
onesMatrix of ones
OrdinalLogisticFitFits an ordinal logistic regression with ridge penalization
OrdLogBipEMAlternated EM algorithm for Ordinal Logistic Biplots
OrdVarBiplotPlots an ordinal variable on the biplot
OrdVarCoordinatesCoordinates of an ordinal variable on the biplot.
OrthogonalizeScoresOrthogonalize a set of Scores calculated by other procedure
PCA.BiplotClassical PCA Biplot with added features.
PCA.BootstrapPrincipal Components Analysis with bootstrap confidence...
PCoABootstrapPlots an object of class PCoABootstrap
plot3dCanonicalBiplot3D Canonical Biplot
plot3d.ContinuousBiplotPlots a classical biplot for continuous data
PlotBiplotClustersPlot clusters on a biplot.
plot.Canonical.BiplotPlots a Canonical Biplot
plot.CA.solPlot the solution of a Coorespondence Analysis
plot.CCA.solPlots the solution of a Canonical Correspondence Analysisis
plot.ContinuousBiplotPlots a biplot for continuous data.
plot.ContinuousBiplot (Copia en conflicto de DESKTOP-CR4F6NI 2017-09-26)Plots a biplot for continuous data.
plot.ellipsePlot a concentration ellipse.
plot.External.Binary.Logistic.BiplotPlots an External Logistic Biplot for binary data
plot.fractionPlots a fraction of the data as a cluster
plot.MGCPlot the results of Model-Based Gaussian Clustering...
plot.Ordinal.Logistic.BiplotPlots an ordinal Logistic Biplot
PlotOrdinalResponsesPlot the response functions along the directions of best fit.
plot.PCA.BootstrapPlots the Bootstrap information for Principal Components...
plot.Principal.CoordinatesPlots an object of class "Principal.Coordinates"
plot.ProcrustesPlots an object of class "Procrustes"
plot.StatisBiplotPlots a Statis Object
plot.UnfoldingPlots an Unfolding Representation
PLSR1BinFitPartial Least Squares Regression with Binary Response
PLSRfitPartial Least Squares Regression (PLSR)
PoliticalFiguresPolitical Figures in the USA
PrettyTicksCalculates loose axis ticks and labels using nice numbers
PrincipalCoordinatesPrincipal Coordinates Analysis
print.MGCPrints the results of Model-Based Gaussian Clustering...
ProteinProtein consumption data.
RAPDSugar Cane Data
RemoveRowsWithNaNsRemove rows that contains NaNs (missing data)
rianoEcological data from Riano (Spain)
RidgeBinaryLogisticRidge Binary Logistic Regression for Binary data
RidgeBinaryLogisticFitFits a binary logistic regression with ridge penalization
RidgeMultinomialLogisticFitMultinomial logistic regression with ridge penalization
RidgeMultinomialLogisticRegressionRidge Multinomial Logistic Regression
RidgeOrdinalLogisticOrdinal logistic regression with ridge penalization
scores.CCA.solExtract the scores of a CCA solution object
SeparateVarTypesSeparation of different types of variables into a list
SimpleProcrustesSimple Procrustes Analysis
smokingSmoking habits
spidersHunting Spiders Data
SpidersEnvHunting spiders environmental data.
SpidersSpHunting Spiders Data
StatisBiplotSTATIS-ACT for multiple tables with common rows and its...
summary.Canonical.BiplotSummary of the solution of a Canonical Biplot Analysis
summary.CCA.solSummary of the solution of a CCA
summary.ContinuousBiplotSummary of the solution of a Biplot for Continuous Data
summary.MGCSummary of Model-Based Gaussian Clustering results
summary.Principal.CoordinatesSummary of the results of a Principal Coordinates Analysis
textsmartLabels of a Scatter
Three2TwoWayConverts a multitable list to a two way matrix
TransformIniInitial transformation of a data matrix
UnfoldingUnfolding para vegetacion
VarBiplotDraws a variable on a biplot
waExtracts the weighted averages of a CCA solution
wcorWeighted correlations
WeightedPCoAWeighted Principal Coordinates Analysis
weighted.quantileWeighted quantiles
wineWine data
zerosMatrix of zeros as in Matlab
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