Man pages for vladpetyuk/vp.misc
Miscelaneuos functions used by Vlad Petyuk for proteomics data analysis

colorschemesFavorite Colorschemes
concatenate_by_featuresConcatenate MSnSet Objects by Features
distCustomized Distance Function
eset_lmNested Linear Model Analysis
eset_presence_absencePresence/Absence Testing
exhaustive_ratiosExhaustive Ratios
heatmap.3Heatmap of ""
image_msnsetVisualize MSnSet
knn_imputationCustomized K-NN Imputation
limma_a_bWrapper for Limma
lr_modelingLogistic Regression Predictive Models
make.unique.2Custom Make Unique
msnsetSRM proteomics data from human CSF
msnset2txtExporting MSnSet as text file
normalize_by_feature_propertyNormalization of LC-MS/MS Data
normalizeByGlobBasic Normalization Routines
normalizeByRefNormalization of SRM Data
oca.setCPTAC Ovarian Cancer Proteomics Dataset
plot_annHeatmap2Tweaks of plot.annHeatmap
plotAUCPlot AUC
plot_pca_v1PCA Plot
readMaxQuantProtGroupsReading MaxQuant Output
readSkyLinePRRRead SkyLine Results
remove_covariateRemoving Covariate Effect form Expression Data
rf_modelingRandom Forest Predictive Models
rrollupRolling-Up Features Abundance Measurements
subset_by_sizeFilter of ontology enrichment results by size
volcano_plotVolcano Plot
xtable2Customized xtable
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