Man pages for wyguo/RLowPC
Inference of co-expression gene network using relevance low order partial correlation from large scale expression data

adj2rankadjConvert network matrix to network rank matrix
adjmatrix2edgelistConvert network matrix to edge list
anova2deUse ANOVA to filter low epxressed genes
average.consensusConsensus network integrated from average edge ranks
confusionStatistical derivations of confusinon table
cor2miConvert correlation matrix to MI matrix
cor2statisticsConvert correlation to statistical significance measures.
edgelist2adjmatrixConvert edge list to network matrix
firstPCFirst order partial correlation
fit.structureCalculate structural fitness of networks
gnwdataSynthetic data sources simulated using GeneNetWeaver
LowPCLow order partial correlation
node.degreeCalculate degree of nodes in gene networks
plotAUCPlot AUC curves
random.netResort datasets and generate random networks
RLowPCRelevance low order partial correlation
secondPCSecond order partial correlation
shared.neighbourExtract shared neihbour genes
table.cutCut the confusion table at threshods
table.evaluateEvaluation of inferred gene networks
zeroPCZero order partial correlation
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