Man pages for xtsvm/miRBaseConverter
A comprehensive and high-efficiency tool for converting and retrieving the information of miRNAs in different miRBase versions

checkMiRNAAliveCheck the miRNA status(Alive or Dead)
checkMiRNAFamliyCheck the miRNA family
checkMiRNAVersioncheck the miRNA Version in miRBase
getAllMiRNAsGet all miRNAs in the specified miRBase version
getAllSpeciesGet all species of miRNAs embodied in miRBase repository
getAllVersionInfoGet all miRBase version information
getMiRNAHistoryGet the detailed information of a single specified miRNA in...
getMiRNASequenceGet the miRNA sequences
getMiRNATableGet the full miRNAs information table of the specified...
goTo_miRBaseOpen the miRBase webpages of the specified miRNAs
goTo_miRNAFamilyOpen the miRNA family webpages of the specified miRNAs
miRNA_AccessionToNamemiRBase Accession to miRNA Name in specified version
miRNA_MatureToPrecursorConvert the mature miRNAs to the corresponding precursors
miRNA_NameToAccessionThe miRBase miRNA names with specified version to Accessions
miRNA_PrecursorToMatureConvert the precursors to the corresponding mature miRNAs
miRNATestDataset: miRNA Test Dataset
miRNAVersionConvertmiRBase version convert for miRNA Names
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