Man pages for yigbt/multiGSEA
Combining GSEA-based pathway enrichment with multi omics data integration

archiveDirRetrieve the path to the cache directory.
archivePathRetrieve path to a cached file.
combinePvaluesCalculate a combined p-value for multiple omics layer.
extractPvaluesCreate a reshaped data frame from multiGSEA output.
getFeaturesWrapper to extract features (nodes) from given pathways.
getGeneMappingMapping between pathway encoded genes/proteins and different...
getIDMappingDatabaseGet the correct ID mapping database
getMappedFeaturesWrapper to get feature mappings.
getMetaboliteMappingMapping between pathway encoded metabolites and different...
getMultiOmicsFeaturesCollect feature mapping for user given databases and omics...
getOrganismsGet list of supported organisms
initOmicsDataStructureCreate an empty data structure for measured omics features
loadLocalRead a local RDS file.
mapIDTypeHelper function to map only a subset of metabolite IDs
metabolomeMetabolomic data set that is used in the toy example provided...
multiGSEACalculate pathway enrichment for multiple omics layer.
proteomeProteomic data set that is used in the toy example provided...
rankFeaturesPre-rank features prior to calculating enrichment scores.
rename_duplicatesMake a list of strings unique
transcriptomeTranscriptomic data set that is used in the toy example...
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