API for zhongmicai/bigSCale2_singleCell
A framework for the analysis of single cell data (RNA-seq and ATAC-seq) including clustering,phenotyping,pseudotime and inferring gene regulatory networks.

Global functions
C_compute_distances Source code
DE_Rcpp Source code
Pdistance Source code
RecursiveClustering Man page
ViewPseudo Man page
bigSCale Man page
bigSCale-package Man page
bigscale Man page
bigscale.atac Man page
bigscale.atac.pseudo Man page
bigscale.classifier Source code
bigscale.convert.h5 Man page Source code
bigscale.generate.report Source code
bigscale.readMM Man page Source code
bigscale.showLegend Source code
bigscale.writeMM Man page Source code
bigscaleDE Man page
calculate.ODgenes Source code
cap.expression Source code
compare.centrality Man page Source code
compute.atac.network Man page
compute.distances.icell Man page
compute.network Man page
computeMarkers Man page
deconvolute Man page Source code
distances_icells Source code
enumerate Source code
extract.cells Man page Source code
fit.model Source code
generate.edges Source code
getClusters Man page
getDistances Man page
getMarkers Man page
getSignatures Man page
iCells Man page
id.map Source code
interactive.plot Source code
jaccard_dist_text2vec_04 Source code
merge.chunks Source code
mio_repvector_col Source code
mio_repvector_row Source code
nnz Source code
pharse.10x.peaks Source code
pick.sequences Source code
preProcess Man page
rcpp_hello_world Man page Source code
remove.batches Source code
restoreData Man page
set.quantitative.palette Source code
setClusters Man page
setDistances Man page
setMarkers Man page
setModel Man page
setODgenes Man page
shift.values Source code
storeNormalized Man page
storePseudo Man page
storeTransformed Man page
storeTsne Man page
storeUMAP Man page
sub.communities Source code
substrRight Source code
transform.matrix Source code
trim_sd Source code
viewGeneBarPlot Man page
viewGeneViolin Man page
viewModel Man page
viewODgenes Man page
viewReduced Man page
viewSignatures Man page
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