CALIBERcodelists: Generate ICD10, Read and OPCS codelists

Facilitates the generation, documentation and comparision of codelists for identifying diagnoses, procedures, investigations and other events recorded for patients in CALIBER electronic health record data. The CALIBER programme is funded by the Wellcome Trust (086091/Z/08/Z) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) under its Programme Grants for Applied Research programme (RP-PG-0407-10314). The author is supported by a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship (0938/30/Z/10/Z).

AuthorAnoop Shah [aut, cre], Harry Hemingway [ths], Aroon Hingorani [ths], Owen Nicholas [ths], Spiros Denaxas [ctb], Harriet Forbes [ctb], Emily Herrett [ctb], Katherine Morley [ctb], Mar Pujades [ctb], Joshua Wallace [ctb]
Date of publication2015-05-28 11:03:11
MaintainerAnoop Shah <>

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Man pages

assigncat: Assign selected terms to a category

browsedict: Browse a selection, codelist or the master dictionary in a...

CALIBERcodelists-package: Generate ICD, Read and OPCS codelists

categories: Get and set categories table for the master dictionary

codelist: codelist: S3 class for lists of Read, OPCS or ICD-10 codes

codematch: Select ICD10, OPCS or Read codes matching a particular...

compare: Compare two codelists

contractCodelist: Contract and expand ICD-10 codelists according to the...

convert: Convert codelists between ICD-10, Read and OPCS

decode: Show term descriptions for ICD, OPCS or Read codes

DICT: The master dictionary containing the current selection of...

dictis: Which terms are in a particular dictionary

DICTMAPS: Mapping between OPCS / ICD-10 and Read terms

explode: Show terms not included in the selection but sharing the...

explore: Manage codelists and create a new codelist interactively

export: Export the codelists to the definitive .csv format or .dta...

GEM: General Equivalence Mappings from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM and...

getCodelist: Find and import a codelist from a folder

loadDicts: Script to replace the source dictionaries used by...

logic: Logical operators for selection objects

logicSelection: Boolean operators for the S3 selection class

medcodeis: Select Read codes with particular medcode(s)

merge.codelist: Merge two codelists

META: Metadata for the master dictionary, stored in a data.table

print.selection: Prints the codes in a selection

process: Process an R Markdown file

PRODDICT: CPRD (GPRD) Product dictionary

selection: selection: S3 class for a list of Read, OPCS and/or ICD-10...

setdictionary: Get and set which dictionary or dictionaries to use

setMetadata: Set metadata for a codelist or the master dictionary

showhtml: Show the selected and excluded terms in HTML

stringFunctions: String functions

termhas: Select terms which contain a particular string


\%&\% Man page
addCategory Man page
\%AND\% Man page
as.codelist Man page
as.selection Man page
assigncat Man page
browseCodelist Man page
browseSelection Man page
CALIBERcodelists Man page
CALIBERcodelists-package Man page
codelist Man page
codematch Man page
compare Man page
contractCodelist Man page
convert Man page
decode Man page
dictis Man page
expandCodelist Man page
explode Man page
exploreCodes Man page
export Man page
exportall Man page
export.codelist Man page
getCodelist Man page
getdictionary Man page
is.codelist Man page
is.selection Man page
length.selection Man page
loadDicts Man page
medcodeis Man page
merge.codelist Man page
META Man page
NOT Man page
\%OR\% Man page
print.codelist Man page
print.codelistComparison Man page
print.selection Man page
process Man page
removeUnusedCategories Man page
retrieveCategories Man page
saveCategories Man page
selection Man page
|.selection Man page
!.selection Man page
&.selection Man page
setdictionary Man page
setMetadata Man page
showhtml Man page
subset.codelist Man page
termhas Man page
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