Man pages for CALIBERcodelists
Generate ICD10, Read and OPCS codelists

assigncatAssign selected terms to a category
browsedictBrowse a selection, codelist or the master dictionary in a...
CALIBERcodelists-packageGenerate ICD, Read and OPCS codelists
categoriesGet and set categories table for the master dictionary
codelistcodelist: S3 class for lists of Read, OPCS or ICD-10 codes
codematchSelect ICD10, OPCS or Read codes matching a particular...
compareCompare two codelists
contractCodelistContract and expand ICD-10 codelists according to the...
convertConvert codelists between ICD-10, Read and OPCS
decodeShow term descriptions for ICD, OPCS or Read codes
DICTThe master dictionary containing the current selection of...
dictisWhich terms are in a particular dictionary
DICTMAPSMapping between OPCS / ICD-10 and Read terms
explodeShow terms not included in the selection but sharing the...
exploreManage codelists and create a new codelist interactively
exportExport the codelists to the definitive .csv format or .dta...
GEMGeneral Equivalence Mappings from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM and...
getCodelistFind and import a codelist from a folder
loadDictsScript to replace the source dictionaries used by...
logicLogical operators for selection objects
logicSelectionBoolean operators for the S3 selection class
medcodeisSelect Read codes with particular medcode(s)
merge.codelistMerge two codelists
METAMetadata for the master dictionary, stored in a data.table
print.selectionPrints the codes in a selection
processProcess an R Markdown file
PRODDICTCPRD (GPRD) Product dictionary
selectionselection: S3 class for a list of Read, OPCS and/or ICD-10...
setdictionaryGet and set which dictionary or dictionaries to use
setMetadataSet metadata for a codelist or the master dictionary
showhtmlShow the selected and excluded terms in HTML
stringFunctionsString functions
termhasSelect terms which contain a particular string
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