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Freedom from Disease

computeAlphaFUNCTION to compute the herd-based alpha-errors (= 1 - herd...
computeAlphaLimitedSamplingFUNCTION to compute the average alpha-error (= error of first...
computeAposterioriErrorFUNCTION to compute the a-posteriori error.
computeAposterioriErrorRiskGroupsFUNCTION to compute the a-posteriori error considering a...
computeOptimalSampleSizeFUNCTION to compute the optimal sample size.
computeOptimalSampleSizeRiskGroupsFUNCTION to compute the optimal sample size for populations...
computePValueFUNCTION to compute the probability of finding no...
computePValueRiskGroupsFUNCTION to compute the probability of finding no...
FFD_GUIFreedom From Disease sampling plan calculator
FFD-internalInternal FFD functions
indSamplingConstructor for class 'IndSampling'.
IndSampling-classClass "IndSampling"
indSamplingSummaryConstructor for class 'IndSamplingSummary'.
IndSamplingSummary-classClass "IndSamplingSummary"
llsList Objects
ltdSamplingConstructor for class 'LtdSampling'.
LtdSampling-classClass "LtdSampling"
ltdSamplingSummaryConstructor for class 'LtdSamplingSummary'.
LtdSamplingSummary-classClass "LtdSamplingSummary"
sheepDataSimulated test data frame of Austrian sheep holdings.
surveyDataConstructor for class 'SurveyData'.
SurveyData-classClass "SurveyData"
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