FFD_GUI: Freedom From Disease sampling plan calculator

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This function opens the Graphical User Interface for the FFD sampling plan calculator.

The GUI offers the functionality to

The GUI is structured into three tabs, Data Input, Parameters, Calculations:

Data Input: The farm data is specified. A list of farms is required with one row per farm and one column containing the herd size, i.e. the number of animals on the farm. The data must be provided in the CSV file format, however currently only the central European format with comma = ",", seperator = ";" is supported. The location of the csv-file is specified in the field Data file, the name of the column containing the herd size is set in the field Herd sizes column via a dropdown menu.

Parameters: Next the survey parameters: design prevalence, Type I error level, intraherd prevalence, and test sensitivity must be set and a sampling strategy (limited sampling or individual sampling, see, e.g. Ziller et al.) must be chosen. Furthermore the cost of each tested herd (excluding the cost per tested animal) and the cost of each tested animal can be specified for cost analyses.

Calculations: Once a sampling strategy is chosen the tab is activated, where cost optimal sampling plans can be determined (Sample size Diagnostics), cost and sensitivity of a fixed sampling schemes can be computed (Compute sample size -> Calculate) and an actual sample can be drawn from the farm file (Compute sample size -> Sample).




The FFD GUI provides the following menu options:




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