MiamiHeat: Miami Heat basketball

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Game log data for the Miami Heat basketball team in 2010-11


A dataset with 82 observations on the following 33 variables.

Game ID number for each game
Date Data the game was played
Location Away or Home
Opp Opponent tream
Win Game result: L or W
FG Field goals made
FGA Field goals attempted
FG3 Three-point field goals made
FG3A Three-point field goals attempted
FT Free throws made
FTA Free throws attempted
Rebounds Total rebounds
OffReb Offensive rebounds
Assists Number of assists
Steals Number of steals
Blocks Number of shots blocked
Trunovers Number of turnovers
Fouls Number of fouls
Points Number of points scored
OppFG Opponet's field goals made
OppFGA Opponent's Field goals attempted
OppFG3 Opponent's Three-point field goals made
OppFG3A Opponent's Three-point field goals attempted
OppFT Opponent's Free throws made
OppFTA Opponent's Free throws attempted
OppOffReb Opponent's Offensive rebounds
OppRebounds Opponent's Total rebounds
OppAssists Opponent's assists
OppSteals Opponent's steals
OppBlocks Opponent's shots blocked
OppTurnovers Opponent's turnovers
OppFouls Opponent's fouls
OppPoints Opponent's points scored


Information from online boxscores for all 82 regular season games payed by the Miami Heat basketball team during the 2010-11 regular season.


Data for the 2010-11 Miami games downloaded from

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