SleepStudy: Sleep Study

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Data from a study of sleep patterns for college students.


A dataset with 253 observations on the following 27 variables.

Gender 1=male, 0=female
ClassYear Year in school, 1=first year, ..., 4=senior
LarkOwl Early riser or night owl? Lark, Neither, or Owl
NumEarlyClass Number of classes per week before 9 am
EarlyClass Indicator for any early classes
GPA Grade point average (0-4 scale)
ClassesMissed Number of classes missed in a semester
CognitionZscore Z-score on a test of cognitive skills
PoorSleepQuality Measure of sleep quality (higher values are poorer sleep)
DepressionScore Measure of degree of depression
AnxietyScore Measure of amount of anxiety
StressScore Measure of amount of stress
DepressionStatus Coded depression score: normal, moderate, or severe
AnxietyStatus Coded anxiety score: normal, moderate, or severe
Stress Coded stress score: normal or high
DASScore Combined score for depression, anxiety and stress
Happiness Measure of degree of happiness
AlcoholUse Self-reported: Abstain, Light, Moderate, or Heavy
Drinks Number of alcoholic drinks per week
WeekdayBed Average weekday bedtime (24.0=midnight)
WeekdayRise Average weekday rise time (8.0=8 am)
WeekdaySleep Average hours of sleep on weekdays
WeekendBed Average weekend bedtime (24.0=midnight)
WeekendRise Average weekend rise time (8.0=8 am)
WeekendSleep Average weekend bedtime (24.0=midnight)
AverageSleep Average hours of sleep for all days
AllNighter Had an all-nighter this semester? 1=yes, 0=no


The data were obtained from a sample of students who did skills tests to measure cognitive function, completed a survey that asked many questions about attitudes and habits, and kept a sleep diary to record time and quality of sleep over a two week period.


Onyper, S., Thacher, P., Gilbert, J., Gradess, S., "Class Start Times, Sleep, and Academic Performance in College: A Path Analysis," April 2012; 29(3): 318-335. Thanks to the authors for supplying the data.

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