StudentSurvey: Student Survey Data

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Data from a survey of students in introductory statistics courses


A dataset with 362 observations on the following 17 variables.

Year Year in school
Gender Student's gender: F or M
Smoke Smoker? No or Yes
Award Prefered award: Academy Nobel Olympic
HigherSAT Which SAT is higher? Math or Verbal
Exercise Hours of exercsie per week
TV Hours of TV viewing per week
Height Height (in inches)
Weight Weight (in pounds)
Siblings Number of siblings
BirthOrder Birth order, 1=oldest
VerbalSAT Verbal SAT score
MathSAT Math SAT score
SAT Combined Verbal + Math SAT
GPA College grade point average
Pulse Pulse rate (beats per minute)
Piercings Number of body piercings


Data from an in-class survey given to introductory statistics students over several years.


In-class student survey

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