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Swim velocity (for 1500 meters) with and withut wearing a wetsuit


A dataset with 12 observations on the following 4 variables.

Wetsuit Maximum swim velocity (m/sec) when wearing a wetsuit
NoWetsuit Maximum swim velocity (m/sec) when wearing a regular bathing suit
Gender Gender of swimmer: F or M
Type Type of athlete: swimmer or triathlete


A study tested whether wearing wetsuits influences swimming velocity. Twelve competitive swimmers and triathletes swam 1500m at maximum speed twice each; once wearing a wetsuit and once wearing a regular bathing suit. The order of the trials was randomized. Each time, the maximum velocity in meters/sec of the swimmer was recorded.


de Lucas, R.D., Balildan, P., Neiva, C.M., Greco, C.C., Denadai, B.S. (2000). "The effects of wetsuits on physiological and biomechanical indices during swimming," Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 3 (1): 1-8.

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