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Special panel functions 02


In development specialist panel functions for polar plotting


panel.polarPlot(x = NULL, y = NULL, r = NULL, theta = NULL, ..., 
         data.panel = panel.loaPlot, loa.settings = FALSE, 
         plot = TRUE, process = TRUE)

#grid, axes and axes labelling

panel.polarFrame(..., grid = TRUE, axes = TRUE, labels = TRUE, 
         panel.scales = NULL, grid.panel = panel.polarGrid, 
         axes.panel = panel.polarAxes, labels.panel = panel.polarLabels)

panel.polarAxes(axes.theta = NULL, axes.r = NULL, thetalim = NULL, 
         rlim = NULL, ..., axes = NULL, panel.scales = NULL)

panel.polarGrid(grid.theta = NULL, grid.r = NULL,
         thetalim = NULL, rlim = NULL, ..., grid = NULL, 
         panel.scales = NULL)

panel.polarLabels(labels.theta = NULL, labels.r = NULL,
         thetalim = NULL, rlim = NULL, ..., labels = NULL, 
         panel.scales = NULL)


x, y

The x and y coordinates of plot points.

r, theta

The equivalent polar coordinates of the plot points. If these are not supplied, x and y are assumed to be polar coordinates and these are calculated by the function.


Additional arguments, typically passed on. For panel.polarPlot these are passed to the data.panel. See below.


The panel to use to handle data once polar coordinates have been checked for or generated. For panel.polarPlot, by default this is panel.loaPlot.

loa.settings, plot, process

loa panel management arguments, handled by panelPal. See associated help documentation for further details.

grid, axes, labels

plot management options for the grid, axis and axis label elements of the plot. These can be logicals (TRUE to include the element or FALSE to remove it) or lists of plot parameters.


loa plot management argument used when generating grids, axes and labels within the plot panel.

grid.panel, axes.panel, labels.panel

Used by the panel...Frame functions to identify the panel... functions to use when generating the grid, axes and axis labelling elements of the plot.

axes.theta, axes.r, thetalim, rlim

For panel.polarAxes axes settings. axes.theta and axes.r are the theta and r coordinates of the axis reference points, tick marks, etc. thetalim and rlim are the plot/axes ranges (like xlim and ylim in standard lattice plots).

grid.theta, grid.r

Like axes.theta and axes.r but for grid.

labels.theta, labels.r

Like axes.theta and axes.r but for labels.


The panel.polar... series of the functions are intended for use with loaPlot.

panel.polarPlot generates a 'bubble plot' style output on polar coordinates. It generates axes and annonation within each plot panel using the other panel functions.

panel.polarGrids, panel.polarAxes and panel.polarLabels generate plot grid, axes and axes labelling elements of the plot. panel.polarFrame provides a wrapper for these plot elements.

Users can fine-tune axes, grids and labels by supplying additional arguments in plot calls, or replace these elements with purpose written functions to more completely modify plot appearance.


The panel.polar... functions are intended to be used as the panel argument in loa plot calls. So, e.g.:

a <- 1:360
loaPlot(a~a*a, panel=panel.polarPlot)

They can also be used with relatively simple lattice plots. However, some features of loa plots managed by panelPal, e.g. default plot appearance management, automatic grouping and panel and key alignment will not be available.


panel.polarPlot is in-development. Function arguments may change.


Karl Ropkins


These function makes extensive use of code developed by others.

lattice: Sarkar, Deepayan (2008) Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R. Springer, New York. ISBN 978-0-387-75968-5

See Also

In loa: loaPlot; and panelPal.

In other packages: xyplot in lattice.

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