4.4.cond.handers: Plot Conditioning

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Plot Conditioning


Plot conditioning handling


  condsPanelHandler(..., conds = NULL, panel = NULL, 
         by.cond = NULL, process = TRUE, plot = TRUE)

  groupsPanelHandler(..., groups = NULL, panel = NULL, 
         by.group = NULL, process = TRUE, plot = TRUE)

  zcasesPanelHandler(..., zcases = NULL, panel = NULL, 
         by.zcase = NULL, process = TRUE, plot = TRUE)

  groupsAndZcasesPanelHandler(panel=NULL, ..., 
         plot = TRUE, process = TRUE)  

  groupsHandler(z = NULL, groups = NULL, ..., group.ids = NULL, 
         handler = "zzz")

  zcasesHandler(z = NULL, zcases = NULL, ..., zcases.ids = NULL, 
         handler = "zzz")

  groupsAndZcasesHandler(..., loa.settings = NULL)

  stepwiseZcasesGlyphHandler(zcases = NULL, ..., zcase.ids = NULL, 
         panel.elements = NULL, loaGlyph = NULL)



Additional arguments. See Notes below.

conds, panel, by.cond

For all supplied additional arguments, conds is a vector of conditioning indices. This is typically a logical, numeric, factor or character vector which can be used to assign other elements undeclared call arguments to specific subsets. panel identifies the panel... function, and should also be supplied so loa can manage processing and plot activities correctly. by.cond identifies routine plot operations associated with the requested conditioning. This can be a list of plot arguments or panel... functions that should be associated with the requested conditoning. See process and plot below and associated Notes.

plot, process, loa.settings

Passed to and handled by panelPal. For panels that can be preprocessed, plot and process turn off or on processing and the plotting steps of the panel code. See panelPal Help documentation from further details.

groups, by.group

As conds and by.cond but for grouping.

zcases, by.zcase

As conds and by.cond but for zcase condition.

z, handler

The z data series and any associated plot arguments that need special handling.

group.ids, zcases.ids, zcase.ids

If given, vectors of the unique cases in groups and zcases, respectively.


If given, the names of all plot arguments that have been vectorized by panelPal.


(For stepwiseZcasesGlyphHandler only), the loa glyph to drawn. See loa.glyphs for further details.


NOTE: These functions are currently in development and may be subject to changes.

condsPanelHandler is a general purpose function that can be used to routinely manage plot conditioning within a panel... function call. It takes all undeclared arguments are supplied to it, and subsets them by unique case in the supplied conds argument. Then it modifies each of these based on the associated elements of by.cond and processes and/or plots the results depending on process and plot settings.

groupsPanelHandler is similar but is intended for use with the plot call argument groups.

zcasesPanelHandler is similar but is intended for use with arguments conditioned within the z term of the plot formula. So, for example, for unique handling of z1 and z2 cases in the plot loaPlot(z1+z2~x*y).

groupsAndZcasesPanelHandler is a wrapper for groups and zcase that allows users to simultaneously and uniquely handle both types of conditioning.

stepwiseZcasesGlyphHandler is a ...Handler function for generating gylph plots based on multiple z inputs.


All ..PanelHandlers functions are intended for use with panelPal. Using different combinations of these allows plot developers a high degree of flexibility.


This function is in development and may be subject to changes.


Karl Ropkins


This function makes extensive use of code developed by others.

lattice: Sarkar, Deepayan (2008) Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R. Springer, New York. ISBN 978-0-387-75968-5

See Also


For information on related functions in other packages, see

lattice: xyplot; panel.xyplot; and panel.levelplot.

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