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Special panel functions 03


In development specialist panel functions for generating zcase glyph structures.


panel.zcasePiePlot(..., loa.settings = FALSE)

panel.zcasePieSegmentPlot(..., zcase.rescale=TRUE, 
         loa.settings = FALSE)



Additional arguments, typically setting the color and properties of the plotted glyphs. See below.


Should the glyph element be rescaled? See below.


loa options, to be handled by panelPal.


All these panel... functions generate glyphs using z inputs and plot these at the associated (x, y) location. So, for example a called which used one of the panels and the plot formula:

z1 + z2+ z3 + z4 ~ x * y

... would plot a series of glyphs, each containing four elements that would be scaled according to z1, z2, z3 and z4, and each at the associated (x, y) location. This means there will be one discrete glyph for each row of data supplied to the plot call.

panel.zcasePiePlot generates a series of x/y referenced pie graphs. By default, pie dimensions are assigned as: Pie size (radius) proportional to sum of z cases and scaled using cexHandler (z1 + z2 + z3 + z4 for the above formula); Number of Pie segments equal to number of z cases (so, 4 for the above formula); Pie segment width (phi) proportional to the individual zcase (so, z1 / (z1 + z2 + z3 + z4) * 360 for first pie segment for the above formula).

panel.zcasePieSegmentPlot is a variation on the conventional pie plot where segement radius rather than segment width is varying by zcase.


These panel... functions are intended to be used as the panel argument in loa plot calls. So, e.g.:

a <- 1:10
b <- 10:1
loaPlot(a+b~a*a, panel=panel.zcasePiePlot)
loaPlot(a+b~a*a, panel=panel.zcasePieSegmentPlot)


Functions in development. Arguments may change, e.g.:

panel.zcasePieSegmentPlot includes the argument zcase.rescale. This normalises data within each zcase before generating the pie segments. This might not stay.


Karl Ropkins


These function makes extensive use of code developed by others.

lattice: Sarkar, Deepayan (2008) Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R. Springer, New York. ISBN 978-0-387-75968-5

See Also

In loa: loaPlot, panelPal

In other packages: xyplot in lattice.


## Example 1
## plotting georeferenced pie plots

#  Using a subsample of lat.lon.meuse
temp <- lat.lon.meuse[sample(1:155, 15),]

## Not run: 
#  plot Cu/Pb/Zn pie plots at sampling locations
           panel=panel.zcasePiePlot, data=temp)
#  then rescale smaller pie segments on the fly
## End(Not run)

        panel=panel.zcasePiePlot, data=temp)

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