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loa shapes


Simple shapes.


loaPolygon(x, y, z=NULL, rot=NULL, ..., 
            polygon = NULL, loa.scale = NULL)

loaCircle(..., polygon = NULL, radius = 1)

loaPieSegment(..., polygon = NULL, start = 0, 
            angle=360, radius = 1, center=TRUE)


x, y

The x and y points at which to plot the requested shape.


If supplied a z term, most often used to set the size of the polygon.


The angle to rotate the polygon by before drawing it.


Any additional arguments, usually passed on.


A list with elements x and y giving the polygon/shape to be plotted.


A list of parameters that can be used to fine-tune the polygon plotting.


The radius to used when drawing either circles or pie segments.

start, angle

When drawing pie segments, angle the angle of of the segment and start point.


Should the segement begin and end at the center?


loaPolygon is a general function for drawing polygons. It is intended as an alternative to lpolygon, and other standard loa... shapes are typically wrappers for this function.

loaCircle draws a circle with an origin at (x, y).

loaPieSegment draws a pie segment (or slice of cake) shape. It is typically used as building block for pie plots and other similar glyph structures.


All these functions generate simple shapes and are intended to be run within panel... functions as building blocks for more complex glyph type structures.


Karl Ropkins


These functions make extensive use of code developed by others.

lattice: Sarkar, Deepayan (2008) Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R. Springer, New York. ISBN 978-0-387-75968-5

See Also

In other packages: See lrect, and similar, in lattice

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