Man pages for traceRkinetic
Kinetic analysis for dynamic nuclear imaging: compartmental models

findbestfitFinds optimal fitting point
flow2k1K1 to flow conversion
interpolate.tacInterpolates the given TAC to perform the correlation.
irreversible.2c.fitIrreversible two-tissue compartment model fit
irreversible.2c.modelImplements an irreversible two-tissue compartment model
logan.plotLogan plot implementation
lortie.fitLortie et al. (2007) model fit.
lortie.modelReversible one-tissue compartment 82-rubidium model with flow...
nh3.2c.fitComputes the one-tissue compartmental model parameters for...
nh3.vdhoff.correctionNH3 metabolite correction
patlak.plotPatlak plot implementation
plotfitKinetic model fit plot
processlinearHelper function for linear models
reversible.1c.fitReversible one-tissue compartment model fit
reversible.1c.modelImplements a reversible one-tissue compartment model
reversible.2c.fitReversible two-tissue compartment model fit
reversible.2c.modelImplements a reversible two-tissue compartment model
revinterpolate.tacActual interpolation.
traceRkinetic-packageKinetic analysis for dynamic nuclear imaging: compartmental...
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