`bstick.cca` <-
    function(n, ...)
    if(!inherits(n, c("rda", "cca")))
        stop("'n' not of class \"cca\" or \"rda\"")
    if(!is.null(n$CCA) && n$CCA$rank > 0)
        stop("'bstick' only for unconstrained models")
    ## No idea how to define bstick for capscale with negative
    ## eigenvalues
    if (inherits(n, "capscale") && !is.null(n$CA$imaginary.rank))
        stop("'bstick' cannot be used for 'capscale' with imaginary component") 
    ## need to select appropriate total inertia
    tot.chi <- n$CA$tot.chi
    n.comp <- n$CA$rank
    res <- bstick.default(n.comp, tot.chi, ...)
    names(res) <- names(n$CA$eig)

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