yasomi: Yet Another Self Organising Map Implementation

Yasomi provides an implementation of several variants of the Self Organising Map.

AuthorFabrice Rossi <Fabrice.Rossi@apiacoa.org>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerFabrice Rossi <Fabrice.Rossi@apiacoa.org>

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Man pages

as.dist.kernelsom: Compute all the distances between prototypes in a fitted...

as.dist.relationalsom: Compute all the distances between prototypes in a fitted...

as.dist.somnum: Compute all the distances between prototypes in a fitted...

as.kernelmatrix: Turn a standard matrix into a Kernel matrix

batchkmeans: Generic K-means Clustering

batchkmeans.default: K-means Clustering for vector data

batchkmeans.kenelmatrix: Kernel K-means Clustering

batchsom: Generic Self-Organising Map fitting function

batchsom.default: Fit a Self-Organising Map to vector data

batchsom.dist: Fit a Self-Organising Map to dissimilarity data

batchsom.kernelmatrix: Fit a Kernel Self-Organising Map to some data

colorCode: Data coloring via a Self-Organising Map

componentPlane: Component Planes

distance.grid: Build a surface that represents prototype distances in a...

error.kaskilagus: Kaski and Lagus' error measure for Self-Organising Maps

error.kaskilagus.kernelsom: Kaski and Lagus' error measure for Kernel Self-Organising...

error.kaskilagus.relationalsom: Kaski and Lagus' error measure for Relational Self-Organising...

error.kaskilagus.somnum: Kaski and Lagus' error measure for Self-Organising Maps on...

error.quantisation: Quantisation error for a Self-Organising Map

error.quantisation.kernelsom: Quantisation error for a Kernel Self-Organising Map

error.quantisation.relationalsom: Quantisation error for a Relational Self-Organising Map

error.quantisation.somnum: Quantisation error for a Self-Organising Map fitted on vector...

grid2lines: Self-Organising Map grid

hitMap: Clustering Hit Map

identify.somgrid: Identify a grid cell in a grid display

mapToUnit: Map additional data to a Self-Organising Map

plot.som: Plot cell contents of a Self-Organising Map

plot.somgrid: Plot a Self-Organising Map prior structure

plot.sompdist: Plot distances between prototypes of a fitted Self-Organising...

plot.somtune: Plot SOM parameter tuning results

predict.kernelsom: Map new data to a fitted Kernel Self-Organising Map

predict.relationalsom: Map new data to a fitted Relational Self-Organising Map

predict.somnum: Map new data to a fitted Self-Organising Map for vector data

print.som: Describe a fitted Self-Organising Map

prototype.distances: Compute distances between neighbouring prototypes in a fitted...

somgrid: Create a prior structure for a self-organising map

sominit.pca: Initialise the prototypes of a SOM with PCA

sominit.pca.default: Initialise the prototypes of a SOM with PCA

sominit.pca.dist: Initialise the prototypes of a dissimilarity SOM with...

sominit.pca.kernelmatrix: Initialise the prototypes of a kernel SOM with kernel PCA

sominit.random: Initialise the prototypes of a SOM via some random sample

som.tune: Parameter tuning for Self-Organising Maps

som.tunecontrol: Control parameters for the som.tune function

umatrix: U-Matrix


as.dist.kernelsom Man page
as.dist.relationalsom Man page
as.dist.somnum Man page
as.dist.sompdist Man page
as.kernelmatrix Man page
as.matrix.kernelsom Man page
as.matrix.relationalsom Man page
as.matrix.somnum Man page
as.matrix.sompdist Man page
batchkmeans Man page
batchkmeans.default Man page
batchkmeans.kernelmatrix Man page
batchsom Man page
batchsom.default Man page
batchsom.dist Man page
batchsom.kernelmatrix Man page
colorCode Man page
componentPlane Man page
distance.grid Man page
error.kaskilagus Man page
error.kaskilagus.kernelsom Man page
error.kaskilagus.relationalsom Man page
error.kaskilagus.somnum Man page
error.quantisation Man page
error.quantisation.kernelsom Man page
error.quantisation.relationalsom Man page
error.quantisation.somnum Man page
grid2lines Man page
hitMap Man page
identify.somgrid Man page
mapToUnit Man page
plot.som Man page
plot.somgrid Man page
plot.sompdist Man page
plot.somtune Man page
predict.kernelsom Man page
predict.relationalsom Man page
predict.somnum Man page
print.kernelsom Man page
print.relationalsom Man page
print.som Man page
print.somgrid Man page
print.somnum Man page
print.somtune Man page
prototype.distances Man page
somgrid Man page
sominit.pca Man page
sominit.pca.default Man page
sominit.pca.dist Man page
sominit.pca.kernelmatrix Man page
sominit.random Man page
sominit.random.default Man page
sominit.random.dist Man page
sominit.random.kernelmatrix Man page
som.tune Man page
som.tunecontrol Man page
summary.kernelsom Man page
summary.relationalsom Man page
summary.som Man page
summary.somgrid Man page
summary.somnum Man page
umatrix Man page


R/slow-relational.R R/tune.R R/graphics.R R/kmeans.R R/generic.R R/umatrix.R R/interp.R R/utils.R R/slow-versions.R R/som.R R/kernel.R R/quality.R R/annealing.R R/relational.R R/grid.R
tests/unit/runitsomgrid.R tests/weights.R tests/unit.R tests/kernel.R tests/relational.R
man/sominit.random.Rd man/sominit.pca.dist.Rd man/batchkmeans.Rd man/colorCode.Rd man/batchsom.default.Rd man/error.quantisation.relationalsom.Rd man/mapToUnit.Rd man/plot.som.Rd man/predict.somnum.Rd man/grid2lines.Rd man/error.kaskilagus.relationalsom.Rd man/som.tune.Rd man/plot.somtune.Rd man/error.kaskilagus.Rd man/somgrid.Rd man/as.dist.somnum.Rd man/som.tunecontrol.Rd man/predict.relationalsom.Rd man/sominit.pca.kernelmatrix.Rd man/batchsom.kernelmatrix.Rd man/componentPlane.Rd man/error.quantisation.kernelsom.Rd man/sominit.pca.default.Rd man/as.dist.relationalsom.Rd man/print.som.Rd man/hitMap.Rd man/as.dist.kernelsom.Rd man/predict.kernelsom.Rd man/prototype.distances.Rd man/batchsom.dist.Rd man/identify.somgrid.Rd man/plot.somgrid.Rd man/batchkmeans.default.Rd man/sominit.pca.Rd man/umatrix.Rd man/error.kaskilagus.somnum.Rd man/plot.sompdist.Rd man/batchkmeans.kenelmatrix.Rd man/batchsom.Rd man/error.quantisation.somnum.Rd man/error.kaskilagus.kernelsom.Rd man/error.quantisation.Rd man/as.kernelmatrix.Rd man/distance.grid.Rd

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