Man pages for COMPASS
Combinatorial Polyfunctionality Analysis of Single Cells

CellCountsCompute Number of Cells Positive for Certain Cytokine...
CombinationsGenerate Combinations
COMPASSContainerGenerate the Data Object used by COMPASS
COMPASSContainer-dataSimulated COMPASSContainer
COMPASSContainerFromGatingSetCreate a COMPASS Container from a GatingSet
COMPASSDescriptionGet and Set the Description for the Shiny Application
COMPASSfitToCountsTableExtract a table of counts from a COMPASSResult object
COMPASS-packageCOMPASS (Combinatorial Polyfunctionality Analysis of...
COMPASSResult-accessorsCOMPASSResult Accessors
COMPASSResult-dataSimulated COMPASS fit
FunctionalityScoreCompute the Functionality Score for each subject fit in a...
getCountsGet a data.table of counts of polyfunctional subsets
GetThresholdedIntensitiesExtract Thresholded Intensities from a GatingSet
melt_Make a 'Wide' data set 'Long'
merge.COMPASSContainerMerge Two COMPASSContainers
pheatmapA function to draw clustered heatmaps.
plot2Plot a pair of COMPASSResults
plot.COMPASSResultPlot a COMPASSResult
plotCOMPASSResultStackPlot multiple COMPASSResults
PolyfunctionalityScoreCompute the Polyfunctionality Score for each subject fit in a...
PosteriorRetrieve Posterior Measures from a COMPASS fit
print.COMPASSContainerPrint a COMPASSContainer Object
print.COMPASSResultPrint a COMPASSResult Object
scoresFetch the table of scores and metadata from a COMPASSResult...
select_compass_popsFlag COMPASS boolean populations
shinyCOMPASSStart a Shiny Application for Visualizing COMPASS Results
shinyCOMPASSDepsList Shiny Dependencies
SimpleCOMPASSFit the discrete COMPASS Model
subset.COMPASSContainerSubset a COMPASSContainer
summary.COMPASSContainerSummarize a COMPASSContainer Object
summary.COMPASSResultSummarize a COMPASSResult Object
TotalCellCountsCompute Total Cell Counts
translate_marker_namesTranslate marker names to format use by COMPASS
transpose_listTranspose a List
UniqueCombinationsGenerate Unique Combinations
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