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Convert the EnXML IntAct service results file into the protein interaction data frame


formatIntact(xml, filter=list(), compact=TRUE, verbose=TRUE)



Character string representing an Enfin xml file


The list where the name of each element represents an output data frame column on which filetering is to be performed ('organism.species', 'Microarray.platform' etc.) and the element itself containing a character vector defining the set of values on which the merging (intersection) for a given column will be performed ('Homo sapiens' for 'organism.species', 'affy_hg_u133_plus_2' for 'Microarray.platform' etc.). The filtering is performed if the list is not empty and the formatIt=TRUE. Default is an empty list.


If TRUE, collapses the rows with duplicated match sets but different attributes into a single row with unique match set and an attribute list separated by comma for each attribute column. Default is TRUE.


if TRUE enables diagnostic messages. Default is FALSE.


The data frame consisting of two groups of columns: the first containing the ID match set (i.e. 'Affymetrix GeneChip', 'Uniprot' etc.), and the second containing the attributes for a particular match ('organism.species', 'Microarray.Platform' etc.).


Alex Lisovich, Roger Day

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