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The species corresponding to an probeset identifier can often be identified from the prefix of the identifier (e.g. Bt.457.1.S1_at corresponds to Bos taurus which is only associated with a single microarray platform in the Ensembl BioMart). This table maps some manually curated unique patterns to the corresponding species and microarray platform.




All Agilent microarray share the same prefix pattern, making it very difficult to differentiate. Many Affymetrix microarrays also share the same prefix "AFFX" for several probesets.

The dataset and microarray arguments of the GO_analyse method are the best way to specify which BioMart information should be used to annotate the features in your expression dataset.


A data frame with 158 rows and the 6 columns. Rows are sorted alphabetically by species name and each refer to a unique combination of dataset and microarray identifier in the Ensembl BioMart. The columns are described below:


The microarray2dataset.build method stored in the toolkit.R script was used to query the Ensembl BioMart server and build this table.



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