Man pages for GeneSelector
Stability and Aggregation of ranked gene lists

AggregateMCAggregation of repeated rankings using a Markov chain...
AggregatePenaltyAggregation of repeated rankings using a variance penalty...
AggregateSimpleSimple aggregation of repeated rankings
AggregateSVDAgregation of repeated rankings using the singular value...
dispersion,RepeatedRankingCompute genewise dispersion measures for repeated rankings
GenerateBootMatrixAltered datasets via bootstrap
GenerateFoldMatrixAltered datasets via k-Jackknife or label exchange
GeneSelectorSelect promising candidate genes
GeneSelector-packageStability and aggregation of ranked gene lists
GetStabilityDistanceStability measures for gene rankings
GetStabilityOverlapStability measures for gene lists
GetStabilityUnionStability measures for gene lists
HeatmapRankingsHeatmap of genes and rankings
internalsInternal functions
MergeMethodsMerge rankings obtained from different ranking procedures
RankingBaldiLongRanking based on the t-statistic of Baldi and Long
RankingEbamRanking based on the empirical Bayes approach of Efron et al....
RankingFCRanking based on the (log) foldchange
RankingFoxDimmicRanking based on the t-statistic of Fox and Dimmic
RankingLimmaRanking based on the 'moderated' t statistic
RankingPermutationRanking based on permutation tests.
RankingSamRanking based on the SAM statistic
RankingShrinkageTRanking based on the 'shrinkage t' statistic
RankingSoftthresholdTRanking via the 'soft-threshold' t-statistic
RankingTstatRanking based on the 'ordinary' t statistic.
RankingWelchTRanking based on the Welch t statistic.
RankingWilcEbamRanking based on the empirical bayes approach of Efron
RankingWilcoxonRanking based on the Wilcoxon statistic
RepeatRankingRepeat the ranking procedure for altered data sets
samplingcontrolControl function
toplist-methods'Toplist' methods
toydataSimulated gene expression dataset.
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