StabilityUnion-class: "StabilityUnion"

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An object returned from a call to GetStabilityUnion.



A numeric vector of scores derived from union counts, normalized such that 1 is the maximum attainable value. The entries correspond to the positions in the list such that the i-th entry contains the score derived from the union count up to position i.


A numeric vector of union scores, arranged analogously to union.


A list containing an approximation to the expected union count and -score if noinformation in GetStabilityUnion has been set to a positive integer. Otherwise, the list is empty.


The decay scheme used for the weights, s. GetStabilityUnion.



Use show(object) for brief information.


plot(object, frac=1/50, ...) produces a graphical display of the union count (upper panel) and union score (lower panel) for increasing list position, ranging from 1 to frac*number of genes. The ... argument may be used to modify graphical options.


Martin Slawski
Anne-Laure Boulesteix


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