IdMappingAnalysis: ID Mapping Analysis

Identifier mapping performance analysis

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AuthorAlex Lisovich, Roger Day
Bioconductor views Annotation MultipleComparison
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerAlex Lisovich <>, Roger Day <>

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Man pages

000-LB-.IdMapBase: Access the elements of a data frame encapsulated within the...

aligned.IdMapBase: Checks if two IdMapBase objects match on column names and... Retrieves a data frame encapsulated within the given... Retrieve a data frame encapsulated within the given...

as.IdMap.UniquePairs: Convert the UniquePairs object into the IdMap object

as.list.IdMap: Coerce an object or a list of compatible object to the IdMap...

as.MultiSet.CorrData: Convert CorrData object into MultiSet object

as.UniquePairs.IdMap: Create a UniquePairs object from a given IdMap object

Bootstrap: The Bootstrap class

boxplotdataJitter.JointUniquePairs: Plot a set of points representing the density distribution of...

boxplot.JointUniquePairs: Draw a basic boxplot based on a given JointUniquePairs object...

byColNames.Subset: Extract subset of columns from a data frame or a list of data...

byColumn.Subset: # Extract subset of rows from a data frame or a list of data...

byRowNames.Subset: Extract subset of columns from a data frame or a list of data...

byRow.Subset: Extract subset of columns from a data frame or a list of data...

clust.Mixture: Retrieve the custering results data structure

copy.Display: Save current plot to the file

Corr: The Corr class

corr.boxplot.JointUniquePairs: Boxplot of correlations by match group

CorrData: CorrData class

corr.plot.JointUniquePairs: Plot the density distributions for a set of correlation...

create.Display: Open a new display device

create.UniquePairs: Create a UniquePairs object from a single IdMap or a list of...

CsvList.merge.Misc: Pairwise merge of two string vectors

DataFilter: The DataFilter class

diffCounts.plot.JointIdMap: Interactive wrapper for IdMapDiffCounts$plot

dim.IdMapBase: Retrieves dimensions of data frame encapsulated within the...

dimnames.IdMapBase: Retrieve or set the dimnames of data frame encapsulated...

Display: The Display class

do.apply.DataFilter: Filter experiment using constraints

do.glm.JointUniquePairs: Compute linear regression for the given set of ID Maps

ecdf.plot.JointIdMap: Interactive wrapper for IdMapCounts$plot

equals.UniquePairs: Check if two unique pairs data structures are identical

examples: IdMappingAnalysis sample data...

expectedUtility: Expected utility of an ID mapping, ID filtering, or other...

fisherTransform.DataFilter: Compute the Fisher transform

fisherTransformInverse.DataFilter: Compute the Fisher inversed transform

fisherTransformJacobean.DataFilter: Compute the Fisher transform Jacobean

fit2clusters: Flexible two-cluster mixture fit of a numeric vector

Generic.Roo: Generic R.00 objects

getBootstrap.JointUniquePairs: Create Bootstrap object from JointUniquePairs object and two...

getCompoundEvents.IdMapDiffCounts: Get compound events

getCompoundGroups.IdMapDiffCounts: Get counts for each compound event in IdMapDiffCounts

getCorrDataFrame.JointUniquePairs: Merge JointUniquePairs and Corr objects into a single data...

getCorrData.JointUniquePairs: Create CorrData object from the JointUniquePairs object and...

getCorr.JointUniquePairs: Extract a set of correlation objects from given...

getCounts.IdMap: Compute the count of secondaryIDs for each primary ID

getCounts.JointIdMap: Create an IdMapCounts object

getData.Corr: Extract correlation results from the Corr object

getData.Mixture: Extract mixture component data from the Mixture object

getDiff.JointIdMap: Create an IdMapDiff object

getExperimentSet.CorrData: Get experiment set data frame for a given modality

getIdMapList.JointIdMap: Create an Id Map list from a JointIdMap object

getMapNames.JointIdMap: Get the names of IdMap objects encapsulated within the given...

getMapNames.JointUniquePairs: Get the names of UniquePairs objects encapsulated within the...

getMatchInfo.JointIdMap: Get match table(s) for a given set of primary IDs

getMatchInfo.JointUniquePairs: Get match table(s) for a given set of primary IDs

getMatch.UniquePairs: Get the logical vector of pair matches of the given...

getMixture.JointUniquePairs: Extract mixture model object from JointUniquePairs and Corr...

getName.IdMapBase: Get the name a given IdMapBase object

getSampleNames.CorrData: Get experiment sample names

getStats.IdMapCounts: Retrieves a set of unique counts of secondary IDs

getStats.Mixture: Get mixture component model summary info

getUnionIdMap.JointIdMap: Create a union IdMap

getUniquePairs.Corr: Extract unique pairs from the Corr object

getUniquePairs.CorrData: Extract unique pairs from the CorrData object

getUniquePairs.JointUniquePairs: Extract the unity UniquePairs object from a given...

IdMap: The ID Map class

IdMapBase: The ID Map base class

IdMapCounts: The IdMapCounts class

IdMapDiff: The IdMapDiff class

IdMapDiffCounts: The IdMapDiffCounts class

interactive.corr.boxplot.JointUniquePairs: Interactive boxplot of correlations by match group

interactive.corr.plot.JointUniquePairs: Interactive plot of correlation densities

interactive.mixture.boxplot.JointUniquePairs: Interactive boxplot of mixture component probabilities by...

interactive.mixture.plot.JointUniquePairs: Interactive plot of mixture model components

interactive.plot.CorrData: Draw a scatterplot of experiment data interactively

interactive.plot.JointUniquePairs: General purpose JointUniquePairs interactive plot function

interleave.Misc: Interleave two matrixes by columns

JointIdMap: The Joint ID Map class

JointUniquePairs: The JointUniquePairs class

line.loess.Display: Plot loess transformed data

line.unsorted.Display: Draw a curve from unsorted points

logTen.DataFilter: Compute log10 of a numerical vector combined with...

merge.IdMap: Merge the IdMap object with a second IdMap object or a list...

minAvgCountConstraint.DataFilter: Perform mean based thresholding of an input vector

minCountConstraint.DataFilter: Perform minimum count based thresholding of an input vector

minCountGroupConstraint.DataFilter: Perform minimum count based thresholding of an input vector...

Misc: The Misc class

Mixture: The Mixture class

mixture.boxplot.JointUniquePairs: Boxplot of a mixture model component by match group

mixture.plot.JointUniquePairs: Plot the correlation densities of the empirical fit, mixture...

pack.experiments.CorrData: Convert aligned experiment data into the data structure...

plot.Bootstrap: Scatterplot of bootstrapped results: sd vs correlation

plot.Corr: Plot the density distributions for correlation object(s)

plot.CorrData: Scatterplot of experiment data

plot.IdMapCounts: Compute and plot the (inversed) ecdf for each ID Map count...

plot.IdMapDiffCounts: Produce a fountain plot representing the quantitative...

plot.Mixture: Plot the results of mixture modeling

primaryIDs.IdMapBase: Retrieves the primary IDs for a given IdMapBase object

primaryKey.CorrData: Retrieves a primary key for a given CorrData object

primaryKey.IdMapBase: Retrieves a primary key for a given IdMapBase object

primaryKey.Mixture: Retrieves a primary key for a given Mixture object

progressMsg.Display: Display a progress message

removeNASeries.DataFilter: Remove NA series from the experiment set

secondaryKey.CorrData: Retrieves a secondary key for a given CorrData object

secondaryKey.IdMapBase: Retrieves a secondary key for a given IdMapBase object

secondaryKey.Mixture: Retrieves a secondary key for a given Mixture object

Subset: The Subset class

subsetCorr.JointUniquePairs: Subset the Corr object

subsetData.JointUniquePairs: Subset data on a UniquePairsMatch object

subsetGroups.JointUniquePairs: Get a JointUniquePairs subset

summary.IdMapDiffCounts: Get a compaund event counts summary report

swapKeys.IdMap: Swap the primary and secondary key columns

swapKeys.UniquePairs: Swap the primary and secondary key columns

textBoundingBox.Display: Determine the size of the text bounding box

to.base.Misc: Convert number to a numeric vector of a given base

to.binary.logical.Misc: Convert number to a vector of logicals

to.index.expr.Misc: Convert expression into index expression for a given list or...

UniquePairs: The UniquePairs class

unique.UniquePairs: Extract unique elements

words.Misc: Convert space delimited string to a vector of words Zoom graphics parameters


aligned Man page
aligned.IdMapBase Man page
aligned,IdMapBase-method Man page Man page,IdMapBase-method Man page Man page,JointIdMap-method Man page
as.IdMap Man page
as.IdMap.UniquePairs Man page
as.IdMap,UniquePairs-method Man page
as.list.IdMap Man page
as.list,IdMap-method Man page
as.MultiSet Man page
as.MultiSet.CorrData Man page
as.MultiSet,CorrData-method Man page
as.UniquePairs Man page
as.UniquePairs.IdMap Man page
as.UniquePairs,IdMap-method Man page
Bootstrap Man page
Bootstrap.plot Man page
boxplotdataJitter Man page
boxplotdataJitter.JointUniquePairs Man page
boxplotdataJitter,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
boxplot.JointUniquePairs Man page
boxplot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
byColNames Man page
byColNames.Subset Man page
byColNames,Subset-method Man page
byColumn Man page
byColumn.Subset Man page
byColumn,Subset-method Man page
byRow Man page
byRowNames Man page
byRowNames.Subset Man page
byRowNames,Subset-method Man page
byRow.Subset Man page
byRow,Subset-method Man page
clust Man page
clust.Mixture Man page
clust,Mixture-method Man page
copy Man page
copy.Display Man page
copy,Display-method Man page
Corr Man page
corr.boxplot Man page
corr.boxplot.JointUniquePairs Man page
corr.boxplot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
CorrData Man page Man page
CorrData.getExperimentSet Man page
CorrData.getSampleNames Man page
CorrData.getUniquePairs Man page
CorrData.interactive.plot Man page
CorrData.pack.experiments Man page
CorrData$pack.experiments Man page
CorrData.plot Man page
CorrData.primaryKey Man page
CorrData.secondaryKey Man page
Corr.getData Man page
Corr.getUniquePairs Man page
corr.plot Man page
Corr.plot Man page
corr.plot.JointUniquePairs Man page
corr.plot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
create Man page
create.Display Man page
create,Display-method Man page
create.UniquePairs Man page
create,UniquePairs-method Man page
CsvList.merge Man page
CsvList.merge.Misc Man page
CsvList.merge,Misc-method Man page
DataFilter Man page Man page
DataFilter$do.apply Man page
DataFilter.fisherTransform Man page
DataFilter$fisherTransform Man page
DataFilter.fisherTransformInverse Man page
DataFilter$fisherTransformInverse Man page
DataFilter.fisherTransformJacobean Man page
DataFilter$fisherTransformJacobean Man page
DataFilter.logTen Man page
DataFilter$logTen Man page
DataFilter.minAvgCountConstraint Man page
DataFilter$minAvgCountConstraint Man page
DataFilter.minCountConstraint Man page
DataFilter$minCountConstraint Man page
DataFilter.minCountGroupConstraint Man page
DataFilter$minCountGroupConstraint Man page
DataFilter.removeNASeries Man page
DataFilter$removeNASeries Man page
diffCounts.plot Man page
diffCounts.plot.JointIdMap Man page
diffCounts.plot,JointIdMap-method Man page
dim.IdMapBase Man page
dim,IdMapBase-method Man page
dimnames.IdMapBase Man page
dimnames,IdMapBase-method Man page
Display Man page
Display.copy Man page
Display$copy Man page
Display.create Man page
Display$create Man page
Display.line.loess Man page
Display$line.loess Man page
Display.line.unsorted Man page
Display$line.unsorted Man page
Display.progressMsg Man page
Display$progressMsg Man page
Display.textBoundingBox Man page
Display$textBoundingBox Man page Man page
Display$ Man page
do.apply Man page
do.apply.DataFilter Man page
do.apply,DataFilter-method Man page
do.glm Man page
do.glm.JointUniquePairs Man page
do.glm,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
ecdf.plot Man page
ecdf.plot.JointIdMap Man page
ecdf.plot,JointIdMap-method Man page
equals.UniquePairs Man page
equals,UniquePairs-method Man page
examples Man page
expectedUtility Man page
fisherTransform Man page
fisherTransform.DataFilter Man page
fisherTransform,DataFilter-method Man page
fisherTransformInverse Man page
fisherTransformInverse.DataFilter Man page
fisherTransformInverse,DataFilter-method Man page
fisherTransformJacobean Man page
fisherTransformJacobean.DataFilter Man page
fisherTransformJacobean,DataFilter-method Man page
fit2clusters Man page
Generic R.00 objects Man page
getBootstrap Man page
getBootstrap.JointUniquePairs Man page
getBootstrap,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getCompoundEvents Man page
getCompoundEvents.IdMapDiffCounts Man page
getCompoundEvents,IdMapDiffCounts-method Man page
getCompoundGroups Man page
getCompoundGroups.IdMapDiffCounts Man page
getCompoundGroups,IdMapDiffCounts-method Man page
getCorr Man page
getCorrData Man page
getCorrDataFrame Man page
getCorrDataFrame.JointUniquePairs Man page
getCorrDataFrame,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getCorrData.JointUniquePairs Man page
getCorrData,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getCorr.JointUniquePairs Man page
getCorr,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getCounts Man page
getCounts.IdMap Man page
getCounts,IdMap-method Man page
getCounts.JointIdMap Man page
getCounts,JointIdMap-method Man page
getData Man page
getData.Corr Man page
getData,Corr-method Man page
getData.Mixture Man page
getData,Mixture-method Man page
getDiff Man page
getDiff.JointIdMap Man page
getDiff,JointIdMap-method Man page
getExperimentSet Man page
getExperimentSet.CorrData Man page
getExperimentSet,CorrData-method Man page
getIdMapList Man page
getIdMapList.JointIdMap Man page
getIdMapList,JointIdMap-method Man page
getMapNames Man page
getMapNames.JointIdMap Man page
getMapNames,JointIdMap-method Man page
getMapNames.JointUniquePairs Man page
getMapNames,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getMatch Man page
getMatchInfo Man page
getMatchInfo.JointIdMap Man page
getMatchInfo,JointIdMap-method Man page
getMatchInfo.JointUniquePairs Man page
getMatchInfo,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getMatch.UniquePairs Man page
getMatch,UniquePairs-method Man page
getMixture Man page
getMixture.JointUniquePairs Man page
getMixture,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
getName.IdMapBase Man page
getName,IdMapBase-method Man page
getSampleNames Man page
getSampleNames.CorrData Man page
getSampleNames,CorrData-method Man page
getStats Man page
getStats.IdMapCounts Man page
getStats,IdMapCounts-method Man page
getStats.Mixture Man page
getStats,Mixture-method Man page
getUnionIdMap Man page
getUnionIdMap.JointIdMap Man page
getUnionIdMap,JointIdMap-method Man page
getUniquePairs Man page
getUniquePairs.Corr Man page
getUniquePairs.CorrData Man page
getUniquePairs,CorrData-method Man page
getUniquePairs,Corr-method Man page
getUniquePairs.JointUniquePairs Man page
getUniquePairs,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
IdMap Man page Man page
IdMap$as.list Man page Man page
IdMapBase Man page
[.IdMapBase Man page
IdMapBase.[ Man page
IdMapBase.aligned Man page Man page
IdMapBase.dim Man page
IdMapBase.dimnames Man page
IdMapBase.getName Man page
[,IdMapBase-method Man page
IdMapBase.primaryIDs Man page
IdMapBase.primaryKey Man page
IdMapBase.secondaryKey Man page
IdMapCounts Man page
IdMapCounts.getStats Man page
IdMapCounts.plot Man page
IdMapDiff Man page
IdMapDiffCounts Man page
IdMapDiffCounts.getCompoundEvents Man page
IdMapDiffCounts.getCompoundGroups Man page
IdMapDiffCounts.plot Man page
IdMapDiffCounts.summary Man page
IdMap.getCounts Man page
IdMap.merge Man page
IdMap.swapKeys Man page
IdMap$swapKeys Man page
interactive.corr.boxplot Man page
interactive.corr.boxplot.JointUniquePairs Man page
interactive.corr.boxplot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
interactive.corr.plot Man page
interactive.corr.plot.JointUniquePairs Man page
interactive.corr.plot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
interactive.mixture.boxplot Man page
interactive.mixture.boxplot.JointUniquePairs Man page
interactive.mixture.boxplot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
interactive.mixture.plot Man page
interactive.mixture.plot.JointUniquePairs Man page
interactive.mixture.plot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
interactive.plot Man page
interactive.plot.CorrData Man page
interactive.plot,CorrData-method Man page
interactive.plot.JointUniquePairs Man page
interactive.plot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
interleave Man page
interleave.Misc Man page
interleave,Misc-method Man page
JointIdMap Man page Man page
JointIdMap.diffCounts.plot Man page
JointIdMap.ecdf.plot Man page
JointIdMap.getCounts Man page
JointIdMap.getDiff Man page
JointIdMap.getIdMapList Man page
JointIdMap.getMapNames Man page
JointIdMap.getMatchInfo Man page
JointIdMap.getUnionIdMap Man page
JointUniquePairs Man page
JointUniquePairs.boxplot Man page
JointUniquePairs.boxplotdataJitter Man page
JointUniquePairs$boxplotdataJitter Man page
JointUniquePairs.corr.boxplot Man page
JointUniquePairs.corr.plot Man page Man page
JointUniquePairs.getBootstrap Man page
JointUniquePairs.getCorr Man page
JointUniquePairs.getCorrData Man page
JointUniquePairs.getCorrDataFrame Man page
JointUniquePairs.getMapNames Man page
JointUniquePairs.getMatchInfo Man page
JointUniquePairs.getMixture Man page
JointUniquePairs.getUniquePairs Man page
JointUniquePairs.interactive.corr.boxplot Man page
JointUniquePairs.interactive.corr.plot Man page
JointUniquePairs.interactive.mixture.boxplot Man page
JointUniquePairs.interactive.mixture.plot Man page
JointUniquePairs.interactive.plot Man page
JointUniquePairs.mixture.boxplot Man page
JointUniquePairs.mixture.plot Man page
JointUniquePairs.subsetCorr Man page
JointUniquePairs.subsetData Man page
JointUniquePairs.subsetGroups Man page
line.loess Man page
line.loess.Display Man page
line.loess,Display-method Man page
line.unsorted Man page
line.unsorted.Display Man page
line.unsorted,Display-method Man page
logTen Man page
logTen.DataFilter Man page
logTen,DataFilter-method Man page
merge.IdMap Man page
merge,IdMap-method Man page
minAvgCountConstraint Man page
minAvgCountConstraint.DataFilter Man page
minAvgCountConstraint,DataFilter-method Man page
minCountConstraint Man page
minCountConstraint.DataFilter Man page
minCountConstraint,DataFilter-method Man page
minCountGroupConstraint Man page
minCountGroupConstraint.DataFilter Man page
minCountGroupConstraint,DataFilter-method Man page
Misc Man page
Misc.CsvList.merge Man page
Misc$CsvList.merge Man page
Misc.interleave Man page
Misc$interleave Man page Man page
Misc$to.base Man page Man page
Misc$to.binary.logical Man page Man page
Misc$to.index.expr Man page
Misc.words Man page
Misc$words Man page
Mixture Man page
mixture.boxplot Man page
mixture.boxplot.JointUniquePairs Man page
mixture.boxplot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
Mixture.clust Man page
Mixture.getData Man page
Mixture.getStats Man page
mixture.plot Man page
Mixture.plot Man page
mixture.plot.JointUniquePairs Man page
mixture.plot,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
Mixture.primaryKey Man page
Mixture.secondaryKey Man page
pack.experiments Man page
pack.experiments.CorrData Man page
pack.experiments,CorrData-method Man page
plot.Bootstrap Man page
plot,Bootstrap-method Man page
plot.Corr Man page
plot.CorrData Man page
plot,CorrData-method Man page
plot,Corr-method Man page
plot.IdMapCounts Man page
plot,IdMapCounts-method Man page
plot.IdMapDiffCounts Man page
plot,IdMapDiffCounts-method Man page
plot.Mixture Man page
plot,Mixture-method Man page
primaryIDs Man page
primaryIDs.IdMapBase Man page
primaryIDs,IdMapBase-method Man page
primaryKey Man page
primaryKey.CorrData Man page
primaryKey,CorrData-method Man page
primaryKey.IdMapBase Man page
primaryKey,IdMapBase-method Man page
primaryKey.Mixture Man page
primaryKey,Mixture-method Man page
progressMsg Man page
progressMsg.Display Man page
progressMsg,Display-method Man page
removeNASeries Man page
removeNASeries.DataFilter Man page
removeNASeries,DataFilter-method Man page
secondaryKey Man page
secondaryKey.CorrData Man page
secondaryKey,CorrData-method Man page
secondaryKey.IdMapBase Man page
secondaryKey,IdMapBase-method Man page
secondaryKey.Mixture Man page
secondaryKey,Mixture-method Man page
Subset Man page
Subset.byColNames Man page
Subset$byColNames Man page
Subset.byColumn Man page
Subset$byColumn Man page
Subset.byRow Man page
Subset$byRow Man page
Subset.byRowNames Man page
Subset$byRowNames Man page
subsetCorr Man page
subsetCorr.JointUniquePairs Man page
subsetCorr,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
subsetData Man page
subsetData.JointUniquePairs Man page
subsetData,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
subsetGroups Man page
subsetGroups.JointUniquePairs Man page
subsetGroups,JointUniquePairs-method Man page
summary.IdMapDiffCounts Man page
summary,IdMapDiffCounts-method Man page
swapKeys Man page
swapKeys.IdMap Man page
swapKeys,IdMap-method Man page
swapKeys.UniquePairs Man page
swapKeys,UniquePairs-method Man page
textBoundingBox Man page
textBoundingBox.Display Man page
textBoundingBox,Display-method Man page
to.base Man page
to.base.Misc Man page
to.base,Misc-method Man page
to.binary.logical Man page
to.binary.logical.Misc Man page
to.binary.logical,Misc-method Man page
to.index.expr Man page
to.index.expr.Misc Man page
to.index.expr,Misc-method Man page
UniquePairs Man page Man page
UniquePairs.create Man page
UniquePairs$create Man page
UniquePairs.equals Man page
UniquePairs.getMatch Man page
UniquePairs.swapKeys Man page
UniquePairs$swapKeys Man page
UniquePairs.unique Man page
unique.UniquePairs Man page
unique,UniquePairs-method Man page
words Man page
words.Misc Man page
words,Misc-method Man page Man page Man page,Display-method Man page


R/IdMappingAnalysis-package.R R/bootstrap.R R/corr.R R/corrData.R R/data.R R/dataFilter.R R/display.R R/expectedUtility.R R/fit2clusters.R R/idMap.R R/idMapBase.R R/idMapCounts.R R/idMapDiff.R R/idMapDiffCounts.R R/jointIdMap.R R/jointIdMap.plots.R R/jointUniquePairs.R R/jointUniquePairs.extensions.R R/jointUniquePairs.interactive.plots.R R/jointUniquePairs.plots.R R/misc.R R/mixture.R R/subset.R R/uniquePairs.R R/zzz.R
demo/DataAnalysis.R demo/InteractiveDataAnalysis.R demo/readECMdoc.R
man/000-LB-.IdMapBase.Rd man/Bootstrap.Rd man/Corr.Rd man/CorrData.Rd man/CsvList.merge.Misc.Rd man/DataFilter.Rd man/Display.Rd man/Generic.Roo.Rd man/IdMap.Rd man/IdMapBase.Rd man/IdMapCounts.Rd man/IdMapDiff.Rd man/IdMapDiffCounts.Rd man/JointIdMap.Rd man/JointUniquePairs.Rd man/Misc.Rd man/Mixture.Rd man/Subset.Rd man/UniquePairs.Rd man/aligned.IdMapBase.Rd man/as.IdMap.UniquePairs.Rd man/as.MultiSet.CorrData.Rd man/as.UniquePairs.IdMap.Rd man/ man/ man/as.list.IdMap.Rd man/boxplot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/boxplotdataJitter.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/byColNames.Subset.Rd man/byColumn.Subset.Rd man/byRow.Subset.Rd man/byRowNames.Subset.Rd man/clust.Mixture.Rd man/copy.Display.Rd man/corr.boxplot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/corr.plot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/create.Display.Rd man/create.UniquePairs.Rd man/diffCounts.plot.JointIdMap.Rd man/dim.IdMapBase.Rd man/dimnames.IdMapBase.Rd man/do.apply.DataFilter.Rd man/do.glm.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/ecdf.plot.JointIdMap.Rd man/equals.UniquePairs.Rd man/examples.Rd man/expectedUtility.Rd man/fisherTransform.DataFilter.Rd man/fisherTransformInverse.DataFilter.Rd man/fisherTransformJacobean.DataFilter.Rd man/fit2clusters.Rd man/getBootstrap.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getCompoundEvents.IdMapDiffCounts.Rd man/getCompoundGroups.IdMapDiffCounts.Rd man/getCorr.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getCorrData.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getCorrDataFrame.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getCounts.IdMap.Rd man/getCounts.JointIdMap.Rd man/getData.Corr.Rd man/getData.Mixture.Rd man/getDiff.JointIdMap.Rd man/getExperimentSet.CorrData.Rd man/getIdMapList.JointIdMap.Rd man/getMapNames.JointIdMap.Rd man/getMapNames.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getMatch.UniquePairs.Rd man/getMatchInfo.JointIdMap.Rd man/getMatchInfo.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getMixture.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/getName.IdMapBase.Rd man/getSampleNames.CorrData.Rd man/getStats.IdMapCounts.Rd man/getStats.Mixture.Rd man/getUnionIdMap.JointIdMap.Rd man/getUniquePairs.Corr.Rd man/getUniquePairs.CorrData.Rd man/getUniquePairs.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/interactive.corr.boxplot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/interactive.corr.plot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/interactive.mixture.boxplot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/interactive.mixture.plot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/interactive.plot.CorrData.Rd man/interactive.plot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/interleave.Misc.Rd man/line.loess.Display.Rd man/line.unsorted.Display.Rd man/logTen.DataFilter.Rd man/merge.IdMap.Rd man/minAvgCountConstraint.DataFilter.Rd man/minCountConstraint.DataFilter.Rd man/minCountGroupConstraint.DataFilter.Rd man/mixture.boxplot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/mixture.plot.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/pack.experiments.CorrData.Rd man/plot.Bootstrap.Rd man/plot.Corr.Rd man/plot.CorrData.Rd man/plot.IdMapCounts.Rd man/plot.IdMapDiffCounts.Rd man/plot.Mixture.Rd man/primaryIDs.IdMapBase.Rd man/primaryKey.CorrData.Rd man/primaryKey.IdMapBase.Rd man/primaryKey.Mixture.Rd man/progressMsg.Display.Rd man/removeNASeries.DataFilter.Rd man/secondaryKey.CorrData.Rd man/secondaryKey.IdMapBase.Rd man/secondaryKey.Mixture.Rd man/subsetCorr.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/subsetData.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/subsetGroups.JointUniquePairs.Rd man/summary.IdMapDiffCounts.Rd man/swapKeys.IdMap.Rd man/swapKeys.UniquePairs.Rd man/textBoundingBox.Display.Rd man/to.base.Misc.Rd man/to.binary.logical.Misc.Rd man/to.index.expr.Misc.Rd man/unique.UniquePairs.Rd man/words.Misc.Rd man/

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