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Package: IdMappingAnalysis
Class DataFilter


Directly known subclasses:

public static class DataFilter
extends Object

Serves as a wrapper for data data filtering functions define as static methods of the DataFilter class.



Fields and Methods


do.apply Filter experiment using constraints.
fisherTransform Compute the Fisher transform.
fisherTransformInverse Compute the Fisher inversed transform.
fisherTransformJacobean Compute the Fisher transform Jacobean.
logTen Compute log10 of a numerical vector combined with thresholding on minimum value.
minAvgCountConstraint Perform mean based thresholding of an input vector.
minCountConstraint Perform minimum count based thresholding of an input vector.
minCountGroupConstraint Perform minimum count based thresholding of an input vector subdivided into groups.
removeNASeries Remove NA series from the experiment set.

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