Man pages for MODA
MODA: MOdule Differential Analysis for weighted gene co-expression network

CompareAllNetsIllustration of network comparison
comparemodulestwonetsIllustration of two networks comparison
getPartitionGet numeric partition from folder
MIconditionModules detection by each condition
ModuleFrequencyStatistics of all conditions
modulesRankModules rank from recursive communities detection
NMImatrixIllustration of network comparison by NMI
PartitionDensityIllustration of partition density
PartitionModularityIllustration of modularity density
recursiveigraphModules identification by recursive community detection
WeightedModulePartitionAmoutainModules detection by AMOUNTAIN algorithm
WeightedModulePartitionHierarchicalModules detection by hierarchical clustering
WeightedModulePartitionLouvainModules detection by Louvain algorithm
WeightedModulePartitionSpectralModules detection by spectral clustering
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