Man pages for MiChip
MiChip Parsing and Summarizing Functions

boxplotDataCreate Boxplot of data
boxplotDataNoFileCreate Boxplot of data
correctForFlagsCorrects for spots flagged as not present
MiChipIntroduction to the MiChip Package
myForgivingMedianProduce Median from Probe Intensity values
naOmitMedianCalculates the median of an array excluding NAs
normalizePerChipMedianNormalize to median intensity
outputAnnotatedDataMatrixOutputs a tab delimited file from an ExpressionSet
panelCorAdd Pearson Correlation value to plots
parseRawDataParse raw data files to create an ExpressionSet
plotIntensitiesScatterPlot pairwise intensity scatter
removeUnwantedRowsRemoves unwanted rows from data matrix
returnAnnotatedDataMatrixreturns and annotated data matrix from an ExpressionSet
setIntensityCutoffSets a cutoff for the lowest intensity value
standardRemoveRowsRemoves a standard list of features for MiChip processing
summarizeIntensitiesAsMedianSummarizes the probe intensity as median of replicates...
workedExampleMedianNormalizeWorked Example of MiChip Processing
workedExampleNotNormalizedDataWorked Example of MiChip Processing
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