ORFik-package: ORFik for analysis of open reading frames.

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Main goals:

  1. Finding Open Reading Frames (very fast) in the genome of interest or on the set of transcripts/sequences.

  2. Utilities for metaplots of RiboSeq coverage over gene START and STOP codons allowing to spot the shift.

  3. Shifting functions for the RiboSeq data.

  4. Finding new Transcription Start Sites with the use of CageSeq data.

  5. Various measurements of gene identity e.g. FLOSS, coverage, ORFscore, entropy that are recreated based on many scientific publications.

  6. Utility functions to extend GenomicRanges for faster grouping, splitting, tiling etc.


Maintainer: Haakon Tjeldnes hauken_heyken@hotmail.com [data contributor]


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