Man pages for Oscope
Oscope - A statistical pipeline for identifying oscillatory genes in unsynchronized single cell RNA-seq

AbsCorCalculate absolute correlations among gene pairs
CalcMVCalculate estimated mean and variance of RNA-Seq data
FlagClusterFlag gene clusters with small within-cluster phase...
FormatSineOutFormat SinFun outputs from lists to matrix
ImpShiftSearch for the optimal sample order by using the Extended...
NISFunRun Extended Nearest Insertion and 2-opt on a gene cluster...
NormForSineRescale the gene/isoform expression matrix
Opt2ShiftRun the 2-opt algorithm to improve the optimal order...
OscopeENISearch for the optimal sample order for different gene...
OscopeExampleDataSimulated gene level data set with 600 genes and 30 cells.
OscopeKMOscope K medoid module
Oscope-packageOscope - A statistical pipeline for identifying oscillatory...
OscopeSineApply sine model on the full set of genes or isoforms
PermuCutDefine sine scroe cutoff using permuted data
PipeRCalculate residual of polynomial fit
PipeShiftCDFCalculate residual of the sliding polynomial regression
scanKRun k-medoid algorithm with varying k on similarity matrix
SineFunApply sine model on one particular gene vs. other genes
SineOptimFunction for searching optimal phase shift
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