Posterior association networks and functional modules inferred from rich phenotypes of gene perturbations

Global functions
Bakal2007 Man page
Bakal2007Cluster Man page
BetaMixture Man page
BetaMixture-class Man page
PAN Man page
PAN-class Man page
SNR2p Man page
SNR2p,BetaMixture,numeric_Or_integer-method Man page
assoScore Man page Source code
bm1 Man page
buildGraph4PAN Source code
buildPAN Man page
buildPAN,PAN,character_Or_missing,list_Or_missing,logical_Or_mis Man page
cosineDist Man page Source code
cosineSim Man page Source code
edgeWeight Man page
edgeWeight, PAN-method Man page
exportPAN Man page
exportPAN,PAN,character_Or_missing,character_Or_missing,numeric_ Man page
fitBM Man page
fitBM,BetaMixture,list_Or_missing,list_Or_missing,logical_Or_mis Man page
fitNULL Man page
fitNULL,BetaMixture,numeric_Or_integer_Or_missing,numeric_Or_int Man page
infer Man page
infer,PAN,list,logical_Or_missing,logical_Or_missing-method Man page
nodeColor Man page
p2SNR Man page
p2SNR,BetaMixture,numeric_Or_integer-method Man page
panEdgeWidthScale Source code
panNodeColScale Source code
panNodeSizeScale Source code
permNULL Man page
permNULL,BetaMixture,character_Or_missing-method Man page
pvclustModule Man page
pvclustModule,PAN,numeric_Or_integer_Or_missing,character_Or_mis Man page
sigModules Man page
sigModules,PAN,numeric_Or_integer_Or_missing,numeric_Or_integer_ Man page
summarize Man page
summarize,BetaMixture,character_Or_missing-method Man page
summarize,PAN,character_Or_missing-method Man page
view Man page
view,BetaMixture,character_Or_missing-method Man page
viewLegend Man page
viewLegend,PAN,character_Or_missing-method Man page
viewNestedModules Man page
viewNestedModules,PAN,numeric_Or_integer_Or_missing,numeric_Or_i Man page
viewPAN Man page
viewPAN,PAN,character_Or_missing,numeric_Or_integer_Or_missing,c Man page
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