Man pages for PANR
Posterior association networks and functional modules inferred from rich phenotypes of gene perturbations

assoScoreAssociation scores for gene pairs
BetaMixture-classAn S4 class for beta mixture modelling of functional gene...
buildPANBuild an igraph or RedeR graph for PAN
cosineSimCompute cosine similarities or distances between pairs of...
data-Bakal2007Rich morphological phenotypes for gene overexpression and RNA...
edgeWeightCompute edge weights for posterior association networks
exportPANExport inferred PAN or module graphs to files
fitBMFit a three-beta mixture model to densities of functional...
fitNULLFit the NULL component of a three-beta mixture model for...
inferInfer a posterior association network
p2SNRTranslate p-values to Signal-to-Noise Ratios
PAN-classAn S4 class for inferring a posterior association network
permNULLDo permutations for input rich phenotyping screens.
pvclustModuleSearch enriched functional gene modules by pvclust
sigModulesRetrieve ids for significant gene modules searched by pvclust
SNR2pTranslate p-values to Signal-to-Noise Ratios
summarizeSummarize the object of S4 class 'BetaMixture' or 'PAN'
viewView the results of beta-mixture model fitting
viewLegendView the legends for the graph built for PAN
viewNestedModulesView the nested modules in a posterior association network in...
viewPANShow posterior association networks or modules in 'igraph' or...
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