Man pages for PCpheno
Phenotypes and cellular organizational units

buildFDMatBuild fitness defect contingency matrix
categoryToEntrezBuilderReturn a list mapping multi-protein complexes IDs to YEAST...
CoHyperGParams-classClass "CoHyperGParams"
CoHyperGResult-classClass "CoHyperGResult"
complexStatusComplex Status
densityEstimateObserved versus Expected Ratios
deResult-classA class for representing the result of a densityEstimate...
DudleyList of fitness defect score generated from Dudley et al 2005
getDescrGet formatted annotation data
getFDgeneGet fitness defect genes
GiaeverList of fitness defect score generated from Giaever et al...
graphTheoryGraph theory to test associations between two or more...
gtResult-classA class for representing the result of a graphTheory test.
HIData from Deutshbauer et al. (2005)
KastenmayerData from Kastenmayer et al. 2006
KEGG2SCISIMapping between KEGG and ScISI
LesageData from Lesage et al. 2005
OsterbergData from Osterberg at al. 2006
overlapCount the number of proteins shared by protein complexes
PCpheno.packageLinkage between Protein Complexes, Pathways, and Phenotypes
plotGraphical method to represent the result of the density or...
ppiInteractionTest the association between AP-MS data and phenotype
reduceMResize a matrix
SGDphenoLSaccharomyces Genome Database list of phenotypic data
testResult-classA virtual class for representing the result of a test.
truncNameTruncate character strings
YEASTOHNOLOGList of ohnolog gene pairs from Byrne, K.P and Wolfe, K.H...
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