PCpheno: Phenotypes and cellular organizational units

Tools to integrate, annotate, and link phenotypes to cellular organizational units such as protein complexes and pathways.

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AuthorNolwenn Le Meur and Robert Gentleman
Bioconductor views GraphAndNetwork Network Proteomics
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerNolwenn Le Meur <nlemeur@gmail.com>

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Man pages

buildFDMat: Build fitness defect contingency matrix

categoryToEntrezBuilder: Return a list mapping multi-protein complexes IDs to YEAST...

CoHyperGParams-class: Class "CoHyperGParams"

CoHyperGResult-class: Class "CoHyperGResult"

complexStatus: Complex Status

densityEstimate: Observed versus Expected Ratios

deResult-class: A class for representing the result of a densityEstimate...

Dudley: List of fitness defect score generated from Dudley et al 2005

getDescr: Get formatted annotation data

getFDgene: Get fitness defect genes

Giaever: List of fitness defect score generated from Giaever et al...

graphTheory: Graph theory to test associations between two or more...

gtResult-class: A class for representing the result of a graphTheory test.

HI: Data from Deutshbauer et al. (2005)

Kastenmayer: Data from Kastenmayer et al. 2006

KEGG2SCISI: Mapping between KEGG and ScISI

Lesage: Data from Lesage et al. 2005

Osterberg: Data from Osterberg at al. 2006

overlap: Count the number of proteins shared by protein complexes

PCpheno.package: Linkage between Protein Complexes, Pathways, and Phenotypes

plot: Graphical method to represent the result of the density or...

ppiInteraction: Test the association between AP-MS data and phenotype

reduceM: Resize a matrix

SGDphenoL: Saccharomyces Genome Database list of phenotypic data

testResult-class: A virtual class for representing the result of a test.

truncName: Truncate character strings

YEASTOHNOLOG: List of ohnolog gene pairs from Byrne, K.P and Wolfe, K.H...


annotation,HyperGParams-method Man page
buildFDMat Man page
categoryName Man page
categoryName,HyperGParams-method Man page
categoryToEntrezBuilder Man page
categoryToEntrezBuilder,CoHyperGParams-method Man page
CoHyperGParams-class Man page
CoHyperGResult-class Man page
complexStatus Man page
conditional Man page
conditional<- Man page
conditional,HyperGParams-method Man page
densityEstimate Man page
deResult-class Man page
Dudley Man page
DudleyGenelist Man page
DudleyPhenoFull Man page
DudleyPhenoM Man page
Dudleyresult Man page
DudleySign Man page
expectedCounts,CoHyperGResult-method Man page
geneCounts,CoHyperGResult-method Man page
geneIds<- Man page
geneIds<-,HyperGParams,logical-method Man page
geneIds<-,HyperGParams-method Man page
geneIds,HyperGParams-method Man page
getDescr Man page
getFDgene Man page
GiaeverExpCdt Man page
GiaeverGene Man page
GiaeverPheno Man page
Giaeverresult Man page
graphTheory Man page
gtResult-class Man page
HI Man page
HyperGParams-class Man page
hyperGTest,CoHyperGParams-method Man page
isConditional Man page
isConditional,HyperGParams-method Man page
KastenmayerRaw Man page
LesageRaw Man page
oddsRatios,CoHyperGResult-method Man page
ontology Man page
ontology<- Man page
ontology,HyperGParams-method Man page
OsterbergRaw Man page
overlap Man page
PCpheno Man page
PCpheno-package Man page
plot Man page
plot,deResult-method Man page
plot,deResult,missing-method Man page
plot,gtResult-method Man page
plot,gtResult,missing-method Man page
ppiInteract Man page
pvalueCutoff<- Man page
pvalueCutoff<-,HyperGParams-method Man page
pvalueCutoff,HyperGParams-method Man page
pvalues,CoHyperGResult-method Man page
reduceM Man page
SGDphenoL Man page
summary,CoHyperGResult-method Man page
testDirection<- Man page
testDirection<-,HyperGParams-method Man page
testDirection,HyperGParams-method Man page
testResult-class Man page
truncName Man page
universeBuilder,CoHyperGParams-method Man page
universeCounts,CoHyperGResult-method Man page
universeGeneIds Man page
universeGeneIds,HyperGParams-method Man page

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