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rnb.color.legends: rnb.color.legends

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Creates a figure in the given report that contains one or more color legends.


rnb.color.legends(report, legends, fprefix = ifelse(is.character(legends),
  "legend", "legend_"), description = "Color legend.", setting.names = NULL,
  size.factor = 3)



Report to contain the legend figure. This must be an object of type Report.


Color legend in the form of a non-empty character vector. Element names denote legend labels, and the elements themselves specify colors. This parameter can also be a list of color legends. Special restrictions apply to the names of the list elements, see Details.


File name or prefix for the plot files.


Text of the figure description. See the correponding parameter in rnb.add.figure for more details.


One-element list containing a plot file descriptor, when legends is a list. See the corresponding parameter in rnb.add.figure for more details. If this is set to NULL (default), the list is automatically created using names(legends) (when legends is a list), or as an empty list (when legends is a vector).


Relative size, in inches of the plots. Legends are displayed in columns of up to 10 items; each column is effectively a square with the specified size.


In case legends specifies multiple legends in the form of a list, names(legends) are appended to fprefix to generate file names. In order to ensure independence of the operating system, there are strong restrictions on these names. They can consist of the following symbols only: Latin letters, digits, dot (.), dash (-) and underline (_).


The modified report.


Yassen Assenov

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