rnb.find.relative.site.coord: rnb.find.relative.site.coord

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given a region types, assigns sites to regions and determines relative positions of sites in the assigned region


rnb.find.relative.site.coord(rnb.set, region.type, extend.by = 0.33)



RnBSet object


Region type for which the coordinates are computed


A number between 0 and 1 specifying the percentage by which a region is extended in order to capture methylation information before region start and after region end


a data frame containing the site index, the assigned region index and the relative coordinate The relative coordinate is 0 if the site's coordinate is identical to the region start coordinate and 1 if identical to the regions end coordinate and scaled inbetween. Coordinates can be less than 0 or larger than 1 if a site is in the upstream or downstream flanking region respectively


Fabian Mueller

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