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Starts the analysis pipeline from an XML configuration file. This function uses the XML package to parse the configuration file.


rnb.run.xml(fname, create.r.command = FALSE)



XML configuration file to read.


Flag indicating if the R command(s) that correspond to the given XML configuration should be generated. If this is set to TRUE, a file named "analysis.R" is created in the reports directory.


Two values are required to be specified (as tags) in the configuration file - data.source and dir.reports. They define the input and output directory, respectively. In addition, the file may define analysis option values. The vignette Comprehensive DNA Methylation Analysis with RnBeads describes in details the syntax of the XML configuration file.

The sample annotation table must be stored as a file in data.source. For more information about the required parameters, see the documentation of rnb.run.analysis, which is called by this function.


Invisibly, the loaded, normalized and/or possibly filtered dataset as an object of type inheriting RnBSet.


Yassen Assenov

See Also

rnb.run.analysis for starting an analysis pipeline

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