Man pages for SAGx
Statistical Analysis of the GeneChip

clin2mimOutput a script file to WinMIM, linking clinical data and...
cluster.qClustering Goodness measured by Q2
estimatep0Estimate proportion unchanged genes
fetchSignalFetch data from the GATC database
firstpassFirst pass description of GeneChip data
fomClustering Figure of Merit
fp.fnCalculation of fp and fn based on a vector of p-values
FstatCalculation of F statistic by gene given a linear model
gapGAP statistic clustering figure of merit
GSEA.mean.tGene Set Enrichment Analysis using output from samroc
JT.testJonckheere-Terpstra trend test
list.experimentsDisplay all experiment names and id's
list.intersection.pp-value for intersection of two gene lists.
mat2TeXOuput matrix to LaTeX
myclusA clustering function
normaliseNormalise arrays
one.probeset.per.geneSelect the best probeset per gene
outlierIdentify outliers in the multivariate distribution
p0.momEstimate proportion unchanged genes
pavaPooling of Adjacent Violators
pava.fdrEstimate of the FDR and the proportion unchanged genes
R2BASEProduces a BASE file
R2mimOutput a script file to WinMIM
rank.genesRank genes with respect to multiple criteria
rank.trendTrend analysis based on ranks
rsd.testCompare two groups with respect to their RSD (CV)
samrocnCalculate ROC curve based SAM statistic
samrocnbootCalculate ROC curve based SAM statistic
samroc.result-classClass "samroc.result" for results of the function samrocN
union.of.pwaysCreate the union of two pathway lists
XprepFitting of a linear model
Xprep.residCalculation of input of residuals from linear model
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